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Tracy RastelloAdmission Counselor


Biography in Brief

Tracy joined the Chapman Admission team in the summer of 2012 and enjoys serving as an admission counselor to the local area in which she grew up. An Orange County native, Tracy left her hometown of Seal Beach to adopt a Los Angeles zip code while she pursued her BA in Liberal Studies and MA in Counseling at Loyola Marymount University. Having worked within many different avenues of elementary and secondary education, Tracy was excited to bring her counseling background to the world of higher education and continue her pursuit of excellence in education. One of Tracy’s favorite aspects of Chapman is the strong sense of community that you feel, and she can often be spotted with her husband walking their dogs through campus. Tracy looks forward to extending a warm welcome to prospective applicants thru the coming year.


I often find that people feel the college admission process is shrouded in secrecy. As admission counselors we are here to help uncloak the process, and unshroud the mystery. When I started working in the Office of Admission here at Chapman, I too was interested in unearthing admission secrets. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we are extremely transparent, open and honest about our review process. So don’t worry – we aren’t wizards, we don’t have wands (although it would be awesome if we did!) and there isn’t a black book of admission secrets (trust me I looked).

One other piece of advice – family members, parents, counselors and teachers are invaluable resources and supports to you as an applicant, however don’t lose sight of who is applying. I encourage you as the applicant to be the point of contact with your admission counselor. We want to get to know you and what better way, than directly from you!

Favorite spot on campus

The Attallah Piazza fountain. Not only is it beautiful and intentional in design, but its unique and inviting. I seldom walk by without seeing a student or a local resident enjoying the 4 pillar design that you can wade among and between. Students dip their feet in while studying and local children can often be seen splashing around. I love it so much that I often walk my dogs over to campus to wade and play in the fountain.

Favorite admission memory

Before we mail out our admit packets we pile all the mail bins up in one central location and we sit back to admire them and take pictures. To me, those mail bins filled with thousands of admission offers represent immense time, effort, hard work and JOY. When I think about all the applicants, parents, teachers, school counselors, processors, admission counselors, emails and documents that represent EACH admit packet I am speechless. It’s a moment of reflection and pride for me as we get excited to spread some joy thru the mail!

Favorite college memory

Some of my best college memories stem from nights with my college roommates. There is truly nothing like that comradery. Late night food runs, pizza delivery, laughter, staying up for 24 hours together during finals and then sleeping for a straight day….when else does that happen in life? It was a really fun time and felt like an endless sleepover - I’m so glad I had that experience.


Three Words to Describe Yourself: loyal, detail-oriented, animal-lover

Favorite Subjects: Equality, Humor and Self-Exploration

Role Model: Oprah Winfrey

Most Prized Possession: Ellie and Mumford, our two French Bulldogs

Favorite Summer Activity: feeling the SUN – poolside or at Disneyland!

Favorite Movies: Heartstrings flick: The Help; laugh out loud: Tommy Boy; thought-provoking: American Beauty; brain-buster: Inception

Favorite Quote: "You are responsible for your life…you're responsible for the energy you create for yourself, and you're responsible for the energy that you bring to others." – Oprah Winfrey