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Meet Your Counselor: Sterling Freeman

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Biography in Brief

Sterling is an alumnus with the Chapman University Class of 2019, receiving his B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a Minor in Leadership Studies. He is a first-generation college student who transferred to Chapman in 2016 in search of the more personalized learning experience, stronger sense of community and rigorous coursework that Chapman offers. Throughout his time as a student, Sterling was involved with many facets of campus, such as Greek Life, DECA and Camp Kesem.

In his free time, Sterling loves to travel and experience new places and new cultures. He’s explored over 20 countries in the last 3 years!

Advice from Sterling

Be as authentic as you can be, both in your application and during your time at Chapman! People want to get to know the real you, and authenticity will make your experiences that much more meaningful!

Favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot on campus is the area right outside Starbucks. It’s the perfect place to take a little break, get some studying done or hang out and socialize with friends between classes. It’s also beautiful right around sunset when the sky is changing colors and the string lights turn on.


From Our Application - Fast Facts

3 Words to describe myself: Empathetic, Passionate, Outgoing

Favorite Subject: Math—I’m a big numbers guy!

Role Model: My mom. She’s always been the perfect example of what it means to be hardworking and selfless, and I admire the way she graciously tackles life with unwavering optimism. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her.

Favorite Band/Artist: Panic! At the Disco

Favorite Book: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. This book is captivating in the ideas that it presents and offers important, real-life concepts that constantly make you think.

Favorite Summer Activities: I grew up in Lake Tahoe, so anything involving nature or the water is high on my list of favorites—especially boating, jet skiing and hiking!

Dream Job: My dream job would be something very people-focused, where I get to travel the world, empower others and make a positive difference in whatever way I can. I’m not exactly sure what that specifically looks like yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out one day!