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Transfer Admission Officer


Biography in Brief

A graduate of Laguna Beach High School and Chapman, Mike came up through the ranks in the Office of Admission after coming to work as a “rookie” admission counselor upon graduating from Chapman in 1974. During his 35-plus years at Chapman his professional network has become extensive, and he is highly visible in admission circles, serving the admission professional organizations, WACAC and NACAC, in various formal and ad hoc capacities. Mike and staff were the recipients of the 2002 WACAC Service Award. His wife, Trish, daughter Michelle and son, Brian, are all Chapman alumni.

Advice from Drummy:

If you request a counselor, teacher, or other individual to write a recommendation or submit a transcript or other documentation on your behalf, don’t simply assume they did this for you. You need to follow up with them and also monitor the status of your application on-line to make sure the requested documents have been submitted. Every year, application files remain incomplete and are never reviewed because the applicant did not follow up on their own behalf.

Drummy’s favorite spot on campus:

Top row of Chapman Stadium. Beautiful views…nice ocean breeze.

Drummy’s best Admission memory:

I had recently graduated from Chapman and just returned from my second voyage on Semester at Sea. Mike Fox, Chapman’s director of admission and a buddy of mine, challenged me to a game of HORSE (basketball shooting contest). If he won, I would have to go to work for him in the Admission Office. He did, so I had my first real job but I told him I would only do it for one year because I was thinking about moving to Hawai’i. But Mike was smart…the first thing he did was give me Hawai’i as my recruitment territory. That was 36 years ago and I’m still here…enjoying every day…and still visiting schools and recruiting in Hawai’i.

Drummy’s best Chapman memory:

There are, obviously, so many…but a couple of things stand out: I vividly recall the first time I saw my wife, Trish Madigan Drummy ’81, walking across campus. I was stunned and my life, although I didn’t realize it at the time, was changed forever. And traveling around the world twice as a student on Semester at Sea also changed my life and showed a kid who’d never seen much outside of Orange County what the rest of the world looked, smelled, tasted, and felt like. Whether you’ve traveled much or not, you should seriously consider doing a Study Abroad while at Chapman. Doing so will change your life, too.

From Our Application - Short Answers

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fair, honest, compassionate

Favorite Subject: My family

Role Model: Ronald Reagan

Favorite Musical Performer/Band/Composer: "The Budster"

Most Prized Possession: Golf clubs

Favorite Summer Activity: Guess

Book You Would Read Again: Echo Park by Michael Connelly

Best Movie of All Time: Chinatown (I love all things L.A. noir)

Favorite Quote (and by whom): You only live once, but if you’ve lived a life like mine…once is enough! — Frank Sinatra

Dream Job: I have it now. Or, superintendant at Pebble Beach Golf Links

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