» Jamie Moseley: Driven & Determined

Hometown: I was born in Palo Alto, California, but I’ve lived in Issaquah, Washington, for most of my life.

Major: Business Administration but I'm planning on changing to Kinesiology


Jamie Moseley is passionate about living life to the fullest, with the goal of successfully accomplishing all of her hopes and dreams, while enriching the lives of the people around her. Born in California and raised in Washington, Jamie has dreamed of returning to the Golden State for college. So after countless hours of research and visiting several institutions, it was obvious to Jamie that Chapman had the academic rigor and the perfect location, especially being close to Disneyland, that she was looking for in a university. Jamie is a very driven person who is determined to achieve her lofty goals of eventually going to med school and becoming an orthopedic surgeon. But she still knows how to enjoy life and have a good time, which she does by playing the flute/piccolo/oboe, reading, being outdoors, learning how to play ukulele, and driving around aimlessly. She is very passionate about sports, having played soccer since she was 5 (and hoping to bring those skills to the field at Chapman) and learning to ski at 3. Jamie’s also been fortunate to get paid to do what she loves, working as a ski instructor for the past five winters and spending this summer working as a soccer coach at youth camps. She even jokes that her dream job would be getting paid to travel the world and ski year round. So far, Jamie’s favorite thing about Chapman is how friendly everyone on campus is and how accepting the students seem to be. Jamie says she’s excited to start a new adventure at Chapman, where she hopes to grow as an individual and make lifelong friends while having a great college experience both in and out of the classroom.


Fun fact: I can identify any type of car, make and model. I have no idea why I possess this "talent" but it sometimes comes in handy. I’m pretty obsessed with cars, you could say!

Pets: A golden retriever named Jasper whom I wish I could bring with me to college.

Favorite Reads: I love anything by Deb Caletti or Sarah Dessen

Favorite MovieThe Hunger Games

Favorite TV show(s): Hawaii 5-0, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Law and Order: SVU (sensing a theme?)

Favorite Sports Teams: Seattle Sounders, Barcelona FC, U.S. Women's National Team (soccer)

Favorite Food: Filet mignon or shrimp

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or visited? I spent three weeks in Kenya and I am dying to go back.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I would backpack through Europe to experience the variety of cultures and see as many countries as possible.

The best advice I’ve received: My favorite math teacher once told me to stay true to who I am, because that's the first thing you have to do in order to succeed.

Advice for prospective students: Do research, talk to friends about colleges, ask questions (even if they seem stupid), and, most important, visit colleges. You never know what school you’ll fall in love with.


Connect with Jamie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @jamiemose94

Jamie Moseley

Jamie with her brother in front of the sun snow sculptureJamie with her brother, Jace,
in Sun Valley, Idaho. 

High school soccer team
Jamie's high school soccer team.
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