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You’ve heard of a “liberal arts university” before — especially if you’re applying to colleges. You may have even heard it from us since Chapman is a liberal arts university!

But what does “liberal arts university” actually mean?

It’s simple: A liberal arts university is one that gives you an education in a wide range of subjects in addition to your major.

At Chapman, a liberal arts education means that you will:

  • Learn a lot about subjects outside your major
  • Pick the classes that really interest you (and get credit towards your degree for them)
  • Be able to major (and minor) in multiple different subjects
  • Graduate with a broad base of knowledge and a well-rounded education that you can apply in any field and every professional setting

Undergrad students working together in a classroomGeneral Education

Getting a liberal arts education means taking a wide variety of classes. That’s where general education (GE) classes come in. General education at Chapman includes:

  • First-year Focus: This class will help you adjust to college and learn critical-thinking and study skills that you’ll use for your entire college career.
  • Liberals Arts and Sciences Focus: These classes will give you experience in a variety of disciplines. Think of them as advanced versions of the core subject classes you take in high school.
  • Global Focus: You’ll explore diversity, citizenship and language in these classes.
  • Exploration Focus: This is where you will have the chance to explore any academic area that interests you.

For a more detailed breakdown of GE classes, check our General Education page.

Majors and Minors

A more diverse education leads to more personal fulfillment and opportunities to make the world a better place. That’s why many students at Chapman have multiple majors (or minors ). Some even create their own major or minor.

So if you’re passionate about more than one thing (and who isn’t?), take it from them: with a little help from your professors and advisors, you can do it.

Taylor Lee Patti '17
Physics, Math and Spanish Triple Major
Taylor never thought she could pursue a STEM degree. Turns out? She earned two of them and added a language.
Connor Carnahan '20
Physics, Math, Philosophy and Business Quadruple Major and Economics Minor
Conner let nothing come in between him and his passions. That’s how he achieved everything he wanted to in college and earned four majors and a minor along the way.
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