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International Student Update

» Update for Incoming International Students

The following message and guidelines apply to incoming international students who will be starting in fall 2020 on an F-1 visa and are not currently in the United States. This does not apply to incoming international students who will be taking in-person classes on our Rinker campus.

On August 4, Chapman University announced that, due to the high unlikelihood that in-person instruction will be allowed by the state government beyond the very limited activities for the training of essential healthcare workforce programs at our Rinker campus, the fall 2020 semester will begin with remote instruction for all remaining programs 

Per U.S. immigration regulation, new and initial nonimmigrant students who intend to enroll at an institution that is delivering instruction in a completely remote environment will not be granted a visa or permitted to enter the United States. Therefore, Chapman is recommending our incoming, international students enroll with us from outside the U.S. for the fall semester.

Please be aware, if you have already attended a U.S. institution, but will be a first-time student at Chapman, you are considered a new, initial student and would not be allowed to re-enter the United States this fall.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency issued new guidelines in March that allow current international students to take all-online classes while in the country. Unfortunately, there is no exemption for new students whose Form I-20 begins this fall. Although we at Chapman have advocated that this exemption be extended to include incoming students who have not yet arrived in the United States, we do not anticipate a policy change taking effect for the fall semester.

While we share your disappointment about these developments, we want to help you make the decision that is right for you as you consider your options for the fall semester.

You can:

  • Start your Chapman experience with a fully online course schedule outside the U.S. We have made a huge investment of planning and resources to create a rewarding educational experience. In addition, our staff have developed a wide range of student-centered activities to ensure that your semester is well-rounded and immersive.
  • Apply to defer your first semester at Chapman. If you choose to defer to a future semester and receive approval, we will send you a new Form I-20 and work with you so you are fully prepared when you begin your Chapman experience.

If you have not already decided to take online-only courses this fall, an international admission staff member will contact you soon to discuss these options, including help with your remote-learning set-up and student-life opportunities.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time if you have questions. You can contact:

International Admission Contacts

Undergraduate Students:
Bryant Dowd
Associate Director of International Admission

Graduate Students:
Monica Chen
Associate Director of International Initiatives, DSO