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Dodge College of Film and Media Arts FFC

» Creative Producing, Film and Television Production, and Writing for Film and Television - Spring 2023 FFC Story

All undergraduate Creative Producing, Film and Television Production, and Writing for Film and Television majors in the Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts must fulfill their First-Year Foundation (FFC) course requirement by participating in an FFC 100 section titled Story. In the FFC 100 Story students will engage critically, analytically, creatively and emotionally with one of humanity's most fundamental forms of communication and social bonding: Story.

Students will examine the tools, practices, forms and traditions that relate story, study story's ability to inform, persuade and entertain, and explore the implications of story's capacity to transform individuals, society, and culture.

All of the arts will be engaged as an inspiration for this seminar intended as a foundation for the film making programs at Dodge as well as for students from other fields wishing to expand their understanding of our shared cultures.


This First-Year Foundations course aims to engage students in university-level critical inquiry and reflection. The focus is on critical engagement, exploration and communication related to analyzing story in its myriad of forms. The class will give students a strong foundation in one of the key goals of entertainment, media and cinema: to communicate a story for the multi-faceted purposes of informing, persuading, entertaining and transforming individuals, society, culture, and humanity. All of the arts will be used as inspiration for understanding the contemporary tools required for creating media and movies in today's society. The study of "form" in other arts, such as poetry and music, will be applied to movie structure; the study of classic heroes and heroines from opera and literature will be applied to character development in modern media. Additionally, innovative storytelling models, such as non-linear storytelling, will also be explored.

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