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When can I expect to receive my grades?

Upon registration, students will receive access to the student center at the my Chapman self service portal. Shortly after completion of the session, grades will be posted to the student center and students can check their own grades there. Students who must have certification of completion earlier may apply to the Office of the University Registrar for an official letter of completion. The Office of the University Registrar will furnish student transcripts upon request at a cost of $10.00 each. Transcripts will be available six weeks after a course is completed. Failure to withdraw from a course in which one is officially registered, but does not complete, will result in a grade of “F” or “FW” (failure to withdraw).

Will my Chapman credits transfer?

Students are responsible for verifying transferability of credits to any other institution. They should do so before registering for courses at Chapman University.

When do I need to pay for classes?

Please click here to get information on payment due dates.

Do I need a permit to park on campus?

A permit is required to park during the summer sessions. Check with the Office of Public Safety for detailed information (parking services).

What if my class does not meet a minimum number of students?

A minimum of seven students must be officially enrolled via the Office of the University Registrar by the second class meeting or a course may be canceled.

Can I talk to an advisor?

Chapman University provides academic advisement for all students, whether undergraduate or graduate, part-time or full-time. Official advisement during the summer is conducted by appointment by a faculty member in the particular department involved.

Will the library be available?

The Leatherby Libraries are open and available to summer school enrollees.

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Class Schedules

See our class schedules on the my Chapman self service portal (logon as a guest to see all course offerings).

Course Numbering

To view how courses are numbered, please see our catalog.

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