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Quantitative Inquiry Learning Outcome: Students create sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence and can clearly communicate those arguments in a variety of formats (using words, tables, graphs, mathematical equations, etc., as appropriate)

Quantitative Inquiry Courses

Quantitative Inquiry Assessment Rubric

Quantitative Inquiry Assessment Process

Assessment Date: The quantitative inquiry area was assessed in the fall 2014. The assessment of the student work samples collected resulted in the following action steps.

Action Steps Taken:

  • A revised learning outcome statement and evaluation rubric were adopted.
  • New outcome statement and rubric criteria will be widely distributed to faculty members teaching QI courses each semester.
  • QI courses will be re-certified by the GE Committee in light of the new outcome statement and rubric.
  • In the future, if needed, multiple assignments will be collected to cover the breadth of the evaluation rubric. The assessment team also requires all assignments turned in be graded and accompanied with a completed evaluation rubric.