» Individualized Experiential Learning Project (IELP)

You can propose your own experiential project to build on your academic knowledge, work in the community to develop new knowledge, or add an academic component to an experience in a workplace, organization, or other community setting.  In order to earn university credit, projects must be equivalent to course work in terms of learning objectives and time spent in learning activities. Projects can earn elective credit or, with prior approval, credit in the major, minor, or Global Citizen Cluster in the GE program for catalog years dated 2007 and later.

Credit equivalents: 40 hours = 1 credit; 80 hours = 2 credits; 120 hours = 3 credits

To propose an Individualized Experiential Learning Project (IELP):

  • Review the IELP description:
    • IELP 201 - for 200-level projects
    • IELP 201 GC - for 200-level projects meeting the 7GC GE area
    • IELP 201 CC - for 200-level projects meeting the7CC GE area
    • IELP 401 - for advanced experiential projects
    • IELP 401 GC - for advanced experiential projects meeting the 7GC GE area
    • IELP 401 CC - for advanced experiential projects meeting the 7CC GE area
  • Contact Career and Professional Development at (714) 997-6942 or career@chapman.edu to make an appointment with an advisor to pick up the Individualized Experiential Learning Project Agreement (IELPA) form for registration
  • It is advised to have your proposal prepared a term in advance for review.
  • Contact a faculty sponsor who can assist you in identifying project learning objectives
  • Return the completed IELPA form to Career and Professional Development
  • Career and Professional Development will forward your IELPA form to the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education for approval; if you're requesting GE credit, GE Committee approval is required as well
  • Upon approval, your form will be forwarded to the Registrar to complete the registration process
  • Your IELP will then appear on your program evaluation as IELP 201, IELP 201 GC, IELP 201 CC, IELP 401, IELP 401 GC, or IELP 401 CC.

Note: Please be aware that the proposal process requires advance planning and review time. Your request for registration must be approved by the deadlines published on the Academic Calendar page.

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