» Important Guidelines for Students

  1. Students should strictly avoid any appearance of academic dishonesty. This includes, but is not limited to: joking to others about cheating, permitting others to cheat off them, talking during examinations, plagiarizing, fabrication or falsification of information or forging documents. Students should keep their eyes on their own exams during examinations and protect their exams from the view of others.
  2. Students should be aware and adhere to instructor guidelines for projects, papers and exam situations including use of appropriate citations. This includes the extent of independent and collaborative work allowed for an assignment. All electronic devices (cellular phones, tablets and computers) should be turned off and placed completely out of site during test situations, unless otherwise directed by the instructor.
  3. Academic dishonesty can take a number of forms. Please see the academic integrity violations area for a number of examples.
  4. Students who discover an apparent violation of this policy should report the matter to the instructor of record or if the instructor is not known or unavailable, to the Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students.

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