» Self-Guided Audio Tour (Main Campus)

Can't make it to one of Chapman's guided tours? We have created a detailed self-guided audio tour that walks you through the stunning Chapman University campus and history at your own pace. You can access the files online or download them to your music player directly. Please find instructions below.

Streaming Instructions

Listen instantly on your mobile device online

  1. Use the player below to listen to the audio tour through the Internet. Tracks are broken down by building
  2. Download and print our campus map


Download Instructions

Download files to your music player library

  1. Download the tour audio tour .zip files
  2. Unzip/extract downloaded folder
  3. Add unzipped audio files to your computer's music player and sync with audio device. If you do not have an MP3 player you can burn files to CD. The artist will be listed as "Chapman University Admission"
  4. Download and print our campus map
  5. Start Tour! Click the following link for driving directions to Chapman University. Remember to pay attention to parking rules and regulations as well
  6. Play the corresponding audio tracks for the building you are viewing. Each album is a different building and there is no particular order in which to view them. Some building may have more than one audio track as well. Feel free to walk around or go inside the buildings (if unlocked), but please do not interrupt any classes

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at admoperations@chapman.edu.

Directed and Edited by Sasha de Mello
Produced by David May
Voice Talent by Craig Brown

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Beckman Hall at Chapman University
Reeves Hall at Chapman University