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Harry and Diane Rinker Health Science Campus

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Rinker Campus is built to help you become the best healthcare professional you can be.

Our labs and classrooms come outfitted with the latest learning and research tools. And you will take your skills and knowledge even further with hands-on lab work, shared learning spaces and the technology that makes it all possible.

Active Learning Center

This flipped classroom comes equipped with wireless microphones and flat-screen monitors at each table. It also has cameras and 3D-projection screens to help you visualize your lecture material at all times.

Anatomy Dry Lab

Learn to dissect dry tissue in this state-of-the-art dissection lab.

Diagnosis lab

You will practice patient care across the lifespan in these labs. Each lab is fully equipped with exam tables, simulation mannequins and organ models for you to practice with.

Exam room

The exam room is a fully fledged emergency-simulation space. This is where you will get hands-on experience handling emergency situations in patient care.

Gait Rehabilitation and Research Lab

Conduct cutting-edge research on human movement with virtual reality and motion-analysis technology.

Motion Analysis Lab

Identify and research the reasons for industry in this 3,700-square-foot lab.

Musculoskeletal Lab

Study orthopedics with skeletal models and the latest ultrasound equipment.

Neuromuscular Lab

Learn how to care for patients with neurological conditions using treatment tables, room cameras, a patient lifter, training stairs and other equipment.

Patient Evaluation Suite

Get real patient-care experience in these evaluation suites. We’ve built everything as close to the clinic rooms you will use in the professional world.

Pediatric Lab

Study infant movement in this research lab.

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