» Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Studying philosophy enables students to think for themselves while learning from the insights of great thinkers from the past. It helps students to reason logically, analyze and solve problems, state and defend views clearly, make moral decisions more effectively, and integrate the personal and professional aspects of life.

Philosophy seeks to unify our lives, and to clarify the values that give life meaning. It illuminates such perplexing issues as what makes a society just, how the mind and body are related, whether actions are free or determined and whether God exists.

Majoring in philosophy provides an excellent preparation for graduate study and careers in fields like law, journalism, teaching, and business. Since philosophy is inherently interdisciplinary, most philosophy majors find it natural to double major (that is, to major in two disciplines). Philosophical questions arise in all disciplines, including law, psychology, English, business, science, art, politics and religion.

A philosophy minor educates one in critical reasoning and the history of Western philosophy, and provides insights into a wide range of practical and theoretical topics within philosophy (usually including issues relating to one's major discipline).

The philosophy faculty are active scholars whose research focuses on issues in applied ethics, religion and epistemology.

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