Chapman students visit Paris.
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French Department AwardsThe French Program at Chapman University has a long tradition of excellence with great instructors who enhance the learning atmosphere with their unique insights on various aspects of the Francophone world.  Studying French at Chapman is a tremendous experience that empowers the learner to choose the direction of their own education within the degree itself.  The framework for a major or minor is in place with several choices available every semester.

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Degrees Offered

B.A. French:  Requirements for completing a B.A. in French: 30 credits, 24 of which must be upper-division.

Minor in French: Requirements for completing a minor in French: 18 credits, 15 of which must be upper-division.

For more information regarding the French program, please see the course catalog.

Study Abroad in France!


Chapman University offers many opportunities for students with all levels of French to study abroad in France, Switzerland, and Morocco in a variety of settings.  Some programs allow students to take some or all courses in French and be completely immersed in French culture. Chapman University oversees courses for the AIFS Cannes, France study abroad program, where a unique internship program at the Cannes Film Festival is offered each spring.  Travel Courses may be offered in summer or interterm in France as well. Visit the Center for Global Education for more information.