» Minor in Creative and Cultural Industries

Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing academic disciplines. The study of CCI at Chapman examines a vast array of cultural and creative activities, covering topics as diverse as media, fashion, tourism, museums, art galleries, publishing, video gamessocial media, emerging technologies, and visual cultures. This minor explores how such activities influence our understanding and experience of culture, and the wider social, political and economic implications of their development as industries. CCI is also about the nature of creativity: how we use creative practices to solve problemsdevelop new ideas and innovations, and to challenge and disrupt established ways of thinking. The minor is taught from local, national and global perspectives. Traditional studies of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are being radically reshaped by the research and practices of the Creative and Cultural Industries; as such, CCI can be defined as the new liberal arts for the 21st century. 

What can you do with a CCI minor? 

Graduating with a minor in CCI will position you competitively in one of the fastest growing job markets both nationally and globally. Creative and critical thinking are regularly listed as some of the most desirable skills sought by employers today. The minor will equip you with analytical skills through rigorous classroom instruction and practical experience through internships with industry leading organizations. The minor will prepare students for dynamic careers in the culture, media, business, and creative industry sectors 

What careers does CCI equip you for? 

  • Arts, Design & Fashion Industries 
  • Music & the Entertainment Industries 
  • Video Games and other Digital Media Companies 
  • Museums, Art Galleries, and the Tourism Sector 
  • Project Management & Planning 
  • Cultural Policy and Government Research Positions 
  • Publishing 
  • Non-Profit Organizations (Local, National, Global) 
  • Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing 
  • Business Leadership and Cultural Entrepreneurship 
  • Postgraduate study 

+ - Course Requirements

A Minor in Creative and Cultural Industries requires a total of 21 credits in CCI with a minimum of 12 upper-division credits distributed as outlined in the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Course Catalog.