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As a group of individual and collaborative scholarly researchers, creative writers, and visual artists, Image Text Interface represents producers of and studiers of original texts and images. We are interested in the relationships among images, texts, and means of dissemination and understanding of images and texts, including the contemporary interplay between print and digital, material and virtual.

In Fall 2012, our collaborative efforts resulted in an interactive calligraphy demonstration hosted and organized by Leatherby Libraries. Students and faculty in Art and English participated in this event that explored how text is image and how different methods of textual-imagistic representation create different effects in reader-viewers.

Other projects that Image Text Interface houses include TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics, which launched in January 2013 and is a collaboration between English and Art, and the annual spring Pub(lishing) Crawl, which is a collaboration between English and Leatherby Libraries. Such projects reach beyond academic disciplines and beyond the university campus.

Members of this research group continue to produce conference presentations, journal articles and chapters, and books and to explore innovative projects such as digital games and tools. This group is also developing new courses—ENG 203: Humanities Computing was added in Spring 2013—and new projects within existing courses.

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  • Research projects
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  • Student research
  • Julye Bidmead, Religious Studies

    Jim Blaylock, English

    Rand Boyd, Leatherby Libraries

    Douglas Dechow, Leatherby Libraries

    Lee Estes, History

    Lia Halloran, Art

    Claudine Jaenichen, Art

    Kerk Kee, Communication Studies

    Anna Leahy, English

    Nancy Martin, Religious Studies

    Jan Osborn, English

    Morgan Read-Davidson, English

    Jana Remy, Academic Technologies & History

    Justine Van Meter, English


    Douglas Dechow & Anna Leahy: Lofty Ambitions blog

    Douglas Dechow & Anna Leahy: “The End of an Era for the Town that Launched It.” Fifth Wednesday Journal, Spring 2013.

    Anna Leahy & Douglas Dechow: “Voices Carry.” The Huffington Post, February 24, 2013.

    Claudine Jaenichen & Anna Leahy: “Text as Image / Image as Text: The Literary Journal.” Conference on the Image, October 2013.

    Anna Leahy, Claudine Jaenichen, & Lia Halloran: “Text(ure), Modeling, Collage: Creative Writing and Visual Arts Pedagogy.” New Writing, forthcoming.



    • Review of “On Biblical Jerusalem, Megiddo, Jezreel and Lachish.” Religious Studies Review, June 2012.
    • “Official Religion vs. Practiced Religion in Ancient Israel.” Jezreel, Israel. May 2013.
    • “A Tale of Two Cities: Biblical Megiddo and Jezreel.” Transylvania University, March 2013.
    •  “From New Moon to New Moon: Recovering Female rites de passage in Ancient Israel.” Society of Biblical Literature Conference, November 2012.
    • “Honoring Marv Meyer Contributions to Biblical Studies.”  Society of Biblical Literature Conference, November 2012.
    • “Old Testament: Imagery and Interpretations,” New Southern California Seminary, October 2012.
    • “Women’s Daily and Religious Roles in Ancient Israel.”  Tel Aviv University/Megiddo Expedition, Megiddo, Israel, July 2012.
    • “The Politics and Perils of Being a Female Prophet in Ancient Israel.” Prophecy and Politics in Ancient Cultures Conference, University of Haifa, Israel, June 2012.


    • Rights to 17 novels and story collections sold to Audible Books, 2013.
    • The Secret of the Ring of Stones, limited edition signed hardcover, Subterranean Press, 2013.
    • Featured Author & Speaker, Great Books Summer Program, Stanford University, 2013.
    • "Smithfield” (short story). Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells. Tor Books, 2013
    • New editions of Blaylock’s books: Homunculus and Lord Kelvin’s Machine (both from Titan, 2013).
    • Zeuglodon, The True Adventures of Kathleen Perkins, Cryptologist. Subterranean Press, 2012.
    • The Aylesford Skull. Titan Books, 2012.
    • Forward to Steampunk, An Illustrated History. Aurum 2012


    • “Engaging Pedagogy: A Hands-On Exploration of Student-Centered Approaches to Teaching Literature.” Modern Language Association Convention, January 2014.
    • Living and Leaving the Story-Worlds of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games.” Popular Culture(s): 48th Annual Comparative Literature Conference, April 2013.
    • “Making Space for Students’ Encounters with Texts.” Session sponsored by the Division on the Teaching of Literature. Modern Language Association Convention, January 2013.
    • Invited presenter and facilitator of 5-session workshop: “Teaching Literature for Transformative Experience.” Curriculum Study Commission¹s 61st Asilomar Conference, September 2012.


    • “Mangling Work and Play in Immersive Worlds” (with Patricia D. Sobczak). Time, Alloy, Play, Chapman University Press, 2013.
    • “Humanities Computing: CS101 for Humanists,” Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference, November 2013.
    • “Knowledge Production, the Mangle, and Ephemeral Leadership” (with Patricia D. Sobczak). Association for Integrative Studies Conference, October 2012.


    • Drawings, Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas, 2013. (Exhibition)
    • Metamorphose, DCKT Contemporary, New York, 2012. (Exhibition)
    • Sublimation / Transmutation, Martha Otero Gallery, Los Angeles, 2012. (Exhibition)
    • Tilt-Shift LA: New Queer Perspectives on the Western Edge, Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles, 2012. (Exhibition)
    • Gestalt. Advocate Gochis Galleries, Los Angeles, 2012.
    • Measure for Measure, Co-curated with Dr. Lisa Randall, Harvard University, Department of Physics. Harvard University Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Cambridge, 2012.
    • Reviews, Harpers Magazine, November 2012.
    • Mason, Shana Beth, “Lia Halloran.” Artvoices Magazine, August 2012.


    • Creative Director for TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetica. Online and print publication for a national (and international) journal of creative and critical writing.
    • “Tsunami Evacuation Wayshowing.” Wayshowing Wayfinding: Basics and Interactive. BIS Publishers, 2013.
    • Principle Designer, Tsunami Evacuation Design. Applying research and design work coordinating recall studies and creating design campaigns for Huntington Beach, San Clemente, and San Diego county, including City of San Diego, Coronado, Imperial Beach, Carlsbad, Solano Beach, National City, Oceanside, Encinitas, Del Mar, and Camp Pendleton.
    • Understanding of Cognitive Recall in Informational and Instructional Evacuation Information: San Clemente and Information: Huntington Beach. Acting as principal investigator in collaboration with co-principal investigator, Dr. Stephen Schandler—the Director of Cognitive Psycho-physiology Laboratories, Professor of Psychology and Director of Behavioral Sciences Computing Center.
    • Chair, International IIID Awards in Healthcare and Design. International Institute of Information Design, 2011-2012.
    • “Understanding of Cognitive Recall in Informational and Instructional Evacuation Information: Santa Barbara.” California Emergency Management Conference, 2012
    • “Understanding of Cognitive Recall in Informational and Instructional Evacuation Information: Santa Barbara.” National Evacuation Conference, 2012.


    • “Social aggregates in health contexts.” (with L. Sparks & D. C. Struppa). The International Encyclopedia of Communication, 4. Wiley-Blackwell. In Press.
    • “Disciplinary histories, funders’ priorities, and competing research methodologies: Organizational communication influences behind the emerging designs of cyberinfrastructure.” National Communication Association annual conference, November 2013.
    • “The communicative constitution of virtual organizations in cyberinfrastructure.” Society for the Social Studies of Sciences, October 2013.
    •  “The nonlinear design principles of cyberinfrastructure.” Oxford Internet Institute SDP Alumni Conference, July 2013.
    • “Social groups, social media, and higher dimensional social structures: A simplicial model of social aggregation for computational communication research” (with L. Sparks, D. C. Struppa & M. Mannuci). Communication Quarterly, February 2013.
    • Rakovski, C., Sparks, L., Robinson, J. D., Kee, K. F., Bevan, J. L., & Agne, R. “A regression-based study using jackknife replicates of HINTS III data: Predictors of the efficacy of health information seeking” (with co-authors) Journal of Communication In Healthcare, December 2012.
    • Kee, K. F., Mannucci, M., Sparks, L., Struppa, D. C., & Damiano, A. “Innovation diffusion, social media, and the simplicial model of social aggregation: Computational simulation of cluster traversers for community health interventions” (with co-authors). International Communication Association Conference, June 2013.
    • “Defining cyberinfrastructure for communication, organizational, and diffusion research: Interactions and characteristics” (with L. D. Browning). Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme Alumni Conference, July 2012.


    • “Half-Skull Days” in The Pinch. Notable Essay, The Best American Essays 2013. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013.
    • “Flirting with Fugue” (poem). ROAR, Spring 2013.
    • “The Day of Fire and Light” (poem; text and audio). Drunken Boat (online), Issue 17, 2013.
    • “Recidivism” (poem; reprint) and “Anatomy Class” (poem; reprint). Redux (online), December 2012.
    • “This and That” (poem). Zócalo Public Square (online), 2012.
    • “On Sketching Pippa Passes the Loose Women (1855)” (poem). A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry, University of Akron Press, 2012.
    • “At the Sea Lion Pool” (poem). City of the Big Shoulders: An Anthology of Chicago Poetry, University of Iowa Press, 2012.
    • “Undergraduate Creative Writing in the United States: Buying In Isn’t Selling Out.” Teaching Creative Writing, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.


    • “Fluid Boundaries and the Assertion of Difference in Low-caste Religious Identity.” Lines in the Water: Religious Boundaries in South Asia, Syracuse University, 2013.
    • “Ethics.” Encyclopedia of Hinduism (Volume IV: History, Philosophy, Knowledge Traditions, Interreligious Contact), Brill, 2012.
    • “Mirabai.” Encyclopedia of Hinduism (Volume III: Society, Theology, Biography), Brill, 2012.
    • “To Whom does Mirabai Belong?:  Fidelity and Corruption of a Cultural Icon,” Annual Conference on South Asia, October 2012
    • “In Between Imaginings:  Mirabai in Film and Fiction,” South Asian Studies Association Annual Conference, April 2012


    • “Classroom Discourse and Student Achievement.” Association for the Study of Higher Education, 2012.


    • Director of the Iluminacion Writing Program.
    • "A Virtual Engagement: Shifting Student Writing into Digital Public Spaces.” Symposium on the Teaching of Writing, February 2013.
    • Keynote Speaker, Sigma Tau Delta Induction at Chapman University, 2013.


    • “ePortfolios at Chapman University.” THATCampSoCal, California State University Fullerton, September 2012.
    • “Mormon History and Timelines.” Sunstone West Symposium, Claremont Graduate University, 2012.
    • Pilgrim Steps blog.


    • Joseph Conrad: A Political Biography. Lexington Press, forthcoming.
    • "Conrad, Memory, and Neuroscience," Modern Language Conference, Chicago, January 2014.
    • “Karl Marx and Joseph Conrad: Uneasy Affinities.” The Joseph Conrad Society (UK) 39th Annual International Conference. July 2013.
    • “Conrad’s (mostly) Impersonal Art: Politics in Nostromo.” The Joseph Conrad Society (UK) 38th Annual International Conference. July 2012.
    • “More on the Art of Lying: Politics in A Personal Record.” Modern Language Association Conference, January 2012.
    • “Conrad’s (mostly) Impersonal Art: Politics in Nostromo.” The Joseph Conrad Society (UK) 38th Annual International Conference. July 2012.
    • “Conrad and Marx: Uneasy Affinities.” The Joseph Conrad Society (UK) 39th Annual International Conference. July, 2013.


    • "ThanaTourism: Traveling Into the Heart of Darkness."  Wilkinson Review, Spring 2012.
  • Kerk Kee was awarded a grant for "Computational Tools, Virtual Organizing, & Dynamic Innovation Diffusion" by the National Science Foundation in January 2013-2016.

    Tabula Poetica: The Center for Poetry at Chapman University, directed by Anna Leahy, receives grants for visiting poets in its annual fall Reading Series; these grants are awarded by Poets & Writers, Inc., through a grant that organization receives from the James Irvine Foundation. Leahy is working with Yoland Uzell on other grant opportunities.

    Lia Halloran submitted proposals for the California Community Foundation 2013 Fellowship for Visual Arts, in Partnership with the Getty Research Foundation, and for the Rome Prize at The American Academy in Rome. Awaiting funding decision.

    Claudine Jaenichen was nominated by Wilkinson College, Chapman University, for a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Grant. Awaiting funding decision.

    Claudine Jaenichen was awarded CRASsH Funding Support for Projects with Humanitarian or Ethical Themes.

    Nancy Martin and Julye Bidmead were awarded CRASsH Funding Support for Projects with Humanitarian or Ethical Themes and a grant from the Office of the Provost and the Faculty Research and Development Council for an on-campus conference:  “Religious Genderings:  The Socio-Spiritual [Dis-]Empowermentof Women and Men” (February 26-28, 2014).

    Richard Ruppel is pursuing grant funding for a project entitled “Creating a Scholarly Heart of Darkness Hypertext.”

    Image Text Interface is in the process of exploring other individual and collaborative grant opportunities, such as those from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the American Council of Learned Societies, the American Academy of Religion, and others.


    Jim Blaylock and Douglas Dechow coordinate the annual Literary Pub Crawl. The next Literary Pub(lishing) Crawl is scheduled for April 1, 2014. This event is designed for the students of Chapman University to meet authors, publishers, and editors. Speakers this year include novelist Karen Joy Fowler.

    Jim Blaylock and Douglas Dechow are bringing the Philip K. Dick Conference to Chapman University in 2016.

    Science Librarian Douglas Dechow teaches a course in Humanities Computing for the Department of English. The long-term goal is to introduce students across Wilkinson College to the digital humanities and to encourage arts and humanities students to participate in the Minor in Game Design. Morgan Read-Davidson is also working toward course goals linked to digital representation and dissemination of text and image.

    Claudine Jaenichen works with undergraduate graphic design and psychology students in evacuation field studies testing cognitive recall of written, audio, and visual presentations of evacuation information. Her students receive internal university research grants for this project.

    The literary journal dirtcakes, which is housed off-campus and edited by Catherine Keefe, uses student interns in conjunction with internship course credit through Chapman University.

    TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics supports one Graduate Assistant, paid with a small hourly wage funded through Wilkinson College’s work-study budget. In addition, MFA students joined the journal staff in 2013-2014; those staff evaluate submissions and participate in the copyediting and layout of monthly electronic issues. Ideally, some roles would be paid internships, though there is currently no funding for this student research.

    Justine Van Meter serves as Faculty Advisor to Sapere Aude: Interdisciplinary Journal, the scholarly journal for Chapman University’s Honors Program.



    "Digital Transformations of Knowledge" by Dr. Ralph Schroeder, Oxford Internet Institute, April 11, 2013. (Kerk Kee)

    "Iluminacion Kickoff Reception,” February 20, 2013. (Morgan Read-Davidson)

    In 2013, Lia Halloran brought to campus artist C. Finley, who lives in Rome and photographer Io Tillet Wright, who lives in NY, is a TED lecturer, and created of the “Self Evident Truths” project.

    Image Text Interface co-hosted the interactive calligraphy demonstration on October 23, 2012. Claudine Jaenichen, Anna Leahy, and Morgan Read-Davidson worked with librarian Scott Stone to develop an educational experience for students in Art and English in conjunction with the Leatherby Libraries’ temporary calligraphy exhibit.