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» ePay/eBill Frequently Asked Questions

+ - What are eBills?

eBills are online student billing statements that display the identical information as a paper statement.  For example: charges for tuition, fees, housing and payments. eBills are available online through Chapman's ePay/eBill which is accessed through WebAdvisor.  If you need additional assistance viewing eBills/statements please click here.  Authorized Users who have received prior authorization by the student may access the Chapman ePay/eBill portal by clicking here.

+ - Can I receive paper bills?

Monthly eBills/statements will automatically be posted to a student's ePay account.  Students and their Authorized User(s) will receive an e-mail notification informing them a new eBill/statement is available to view.  Chapman University does not automatically mail paper statements but students can opt to receive paper statements through Chapman ePay/eBill. Students must login through WebAdvisor and access Chapman ePay/eBill main page and locate the heading that reads “My Profiles.”  In the section that reads “Paperless Options” you will see a radial button select "YES" and then click on the green button that reads “Save Changes.”  

Authorized Payers will not have this option: only students can make this change.

+ - I did not receive a bill in the mail. Where did you mail my bill?

Effective July 2005, paper bills were discontinued. Email notifications are sent to students and or their authorized user(s) each month for all items/services billed to a student account. The email notification direct you to log into your secured online account to print and view your account activity and monthly statement. Students - You must view/print your eBill/statement through epay by logging into WebAdvisor.  If you need additional assistance viewing eBills/statements please click here for detailed instructions on how to view eBills/statements.  Parents - You can also view/print your student's eBill/statement by logging into the Authorized Users website.

Students who have elected to receive a paper statement will be mailed out to the mailing address provided to the university otherwise, students can view billing statements online by clicking here; Authorized User click here.

+ - As a student, how do I obtain access to the Chapman ePay/eBill system?

Students access ePay/eBill by through WebAdvisor. Once logged into WebAdvisor select “Access Chapman ePay/eBill and follow the prompts. For questions or assistance with this process, please contact the Chapman ePay Help Desk at (714) 997-6838.

Students that require assistance with their WebAdvisor user name and password should contact the Chapman University Services Desk.

+ - What are the notes at the bottom of the new statement?

The Notes section will list any restrictions, holds and financial aid comments regarding your student account.  Please read them carefully

+ - How can I add an authorized payer to my account?

If you would like someone else to have access to View and/or Pay your bills, simply add them on as an Authorized Payer in Chapman ePay. When authorizing a payer in Chapman ePay, you are releasing financial and other academic information to those users.

To add an authorized payer, log in to Chapman ePay, and select the Authorize Payers option on the left side of the page then follow the prompts to add an authorized payer. You will want to add a secondary email address in the Secondary Notification Address area under User Preferences so that they too can receive email notifications that the newest monthly billing statement is available.

An Authorized User(s) will have access to View and/or Pay your Chapman University Student Account billing statement. Students are required to give prior authorization using Chapman’s ePay/eBill portal. When authorizing a user in Chapman ePay/eBill you are releasing only financial information to that user(s).

+ - Who can add an authorized user?

A student must set up all authorized users through webadvisor.

+ - Why won't you give me information regarding my child's account? I pay the bill.

A federal law under the Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that students provide authorization to the Student Business Services’ Office by completing the responsible party section on the Tuition and Fee Master Payment Contract before we can release financial information to anyone. We understand that many parents, spouses, or other individuals pay or need to discuss charges on a student's account. To assist communication between other individuals and Chapman University, each student must complete and deliver the Tuition and Fee Master Payment Contract to the Student Business Services’ Office which signifies who may be allowed to receive the specific financial and some academic information relating to a student’s account.

+ - Why do I get an error when I enter the amount I want to pay online?

When entering in the amount to pay online, do not enter dollar signs or commas. Enter numbers and a decimal point followed by cents (Ex. 2250.00 or 10516.25).

+ - How do I pay an amount different than the "Current Account Balance" or "Amount Due?"

Select one of the buttons and enter the amount you are paying in the box to the right.  Select the green continue button.  Make sure to verify that the amount you entered carries over the following page.

+ - I made a payment online. When will my account balance reflect the payment?

Payments are posted and recorded into the student accounting system immediately upon submitting your payment.

+ - Who do I contact if I need assistance with the ePay/eBill system?

Please contact the Chapman ePay Help Desk at (714) 997-6838.
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Quick Facts

• Access your account 24/7 from any Internet connection.

• View or print previous invoices for up to 6 months.

• Authorized third-party payers (i.e. parents, sponsors, etc.) can submit payments on your behalf

• Have Chapman ePay announcements, payment confirmations, etc., sent to a second email address.

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