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Now that you're here, what happens next?

Congratulations on successfully transferring into Chapman University! Here at the Career Development Center, we can offer you more than just resume help. This page is dedicated to providing guidance, resources, testimonies, and advice to help ease the transition.

+ - 3 Steps to Success

Here your personal "how-to" list of must do's to graduate with style and confidence:

  1. Dean Price email: Jerry Price, our Dean of Students and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, sends out weekly emails informing students of all the events, opportunities, and ways to be involved on campus.  These emails should definitely be your first step in building volunteer, leadership, and campus-involvement connections at Chapman.
  2. Academic Advising: Make an appointment with Academic Advising to solidify your schedule for this semester & formulate a plan for the remainder of your time her at Chapman university.  Understanding what your educational timeline is will assist you in strategically scheduling in time for internships, job fairs, and other activities you want to invest your time in.
  3. Career Development Center: Start on your career path post-graduation with the CDC.  It is never to early to start outlining your professional goals.  Listed below are fantastic resources that the CDC offers you. 
    • It is not impossible for you to be competitive with a nontraditional resume - it is all in how you represent your professional ambition!! Networking Opportunities are available continuously throughout the school year and summer, so take advantage of everything! Fill out the Student Network Form to be notified about upcoming events available through the CDC and have the opportunity to sign up for exclusive events.
    • Interning is a must here at Chapman University!! Start building up your resume with professional experience tied to your major & the career you want to build for yourself! Explore our career services management network: Panther Connect for internship opportunities. If you're having any kind of trouble, come by the Career Development Center during our Quick Questions and a career advisor will help you.
    • Terrified of making a mistake and saying the wrong thing during an interview? Most people are, so lucky for you that you have access to the Big Interview through our main page. You record yourself being interviewed and then rate yourself according to a set of interviewee categories. You can even invite someone to rate your responses as well! We suggest that you email your results to your career advisor to get some professional feedback.
    • Mock Interviews are a sound, more personal option to work with a career advisor one-on-one to address your interview "issues" and make sure you are prepped and ready to go. Make an appointment with a career advisor to schedule a mock interview.
    • The Summit prepares undergraduate and graduate students to be professionally competitive when applying for internships and jobs.  This is a small program offered only twice a year, you will need to sign-up early to get into this program.
    • The Major Portal has been designed to help you expand your resources associated with you're major. There are resources on: possible occupations paths, a list of professional associations, recommended clubs and organizations available on campus, and additional links and resources to help you search for work and internship experience.

+ - On Campus Resources

Student Worker Positions

  • Gaining an internship is a MUST but sometimes you still need to earn a living. If you have work study and are looking for a position on campus, consider which department will benefit you professionally. Working on campus gives you access to learn about Chapman, meet new people, and of course get paid.


  • The online forum that houses all the clubs and organizations we have here on campus - from intramural sports to a capella groups to Greek life and much more! Joining a club can make a huge difference as a transfer. A strong resume needs a "Leadership" section demonstrated by recent involvement in organizations & volunteer opportunities. While many clubs look attractive, don't say yes to everything and risk losing time for yourself!


Argyos Fitness Center

  • Trying to create a new flow at a new school can be a little challenging but why not start with the gym? The 4,000 square feet of endless workout opportunities, with three levels and free weekly fitness sessions, you'll be getting the hang of things in no time!


Writing Center

  • Feeling a little nervous about your writing? No need to worry, just drop by and the assistance isn't limited to just editing but you can also work with a writing tutor to improve your overall writing skills and ensure future success.


Tutor, Learning, and Testing Center (TLT)

  • The place to go if you're looking for more help in your other classes. At the TLT Center you can work with an individual tutor, an academic mentor, and even accommodated testing services if you have troubles with standard test taking.


Leatherby Library

  • Academics are highly regarded here at Chapman University so of course the library is more than fully equipped with 300,000 books, 15 study rooms, over 600 seats, a 60-station computer lab, and many other resources to meet all the academic needs of all students.

Center for Global Education

  • Studying abroad can offer more than just the chance to explore what lies beyond our borders but also the experience to explore the global economy on a first hand basis. The Center for Global Education offers information on semester & year long, interterm, and summer programs as well as information for international students.


Launch Labs

  • If you're an entrepreneur to your core and business ideas are constantly filling your head then look no further than the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship where Launch Labs is located. Launch Labs is the perfect environment for aspiring business ideas to become successful realities. Resources offered conferences rooms, office space, seminars, workshops, in-residence mentors, and numerous rewarding networking opportunities available to those students ready to begin their growth as an entrepreneur.

+ - Spotlight Stories

Spotlight stories of transfer and veteran students offer the unique perspectives of what their successes have been and the advice they wish they had known when they started.  This section will go live starting Fall, 2015.

+ - Before & After Resumes

Employers tend to look for students who can handle responsibility and possess good time management skills.  If you haven’t really tinkered with your resume too much, NOW is a good time to start.  Adding your involvement on campus, off campus, and sometimes even work experience can enhance your resume.  

Take a look at the Transfer student and Veteran student before-and-after resumes that have been transformed with the help of the Career Development Center:

+ - Additional Veteran Resources

There are an endless number of career, education, and assistance tools available online for veterans.  To save time and to make sure that only legitimate resources are highlighted, only governments/military and nonprofit resources are listed.


Translate Military Jargon

  • You’re knowledgeable in your field, but if you can't prove it to potential new employers, no amount of experience will bridge the gap.

    Jargon is the most dangerous enemy in your real-world battle. If you fill your resume with military jargon, you're going to lose the interest of most non-military hiring managers. Businesses are interested in hiring trustworthy, experienced employees just like you, but telling someone you're a Marine with an 0352 MOS doesn’t tell them much, if anything.

    TAOnline provides an easy way to translate your MOS/MOC or military job title into civilian-speak. By typing the Marines infantry code, 0311, into the field, it shows related careers that put you in a command-and-control center specialist field. Following through with these options will show you companies that are hiring, and provides further examples of what companies are looking for and how to translate your resume.


Career One Stop: Veterans ReEmployment

  • Sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, this site has a number of job search resources, unemployment benefits information, and useful tools including a military to civilian occupation translator.


American Job Center

  • Career exploration tools, an online resource for job training and browsing job sites, as well as assistance in resume writing, interviewing, and networking.


eBenefits: My Gateway to Benefit Information

  • A Service of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense, includes listings of upcoming veteran career fairs & offers a list of thousands of businesses and organizations across the country that are committed to hiring veterans.


VA Campus Toolkit

  • A self-help resource for student veterans on campus, including advice on adjusting to stressors associated with academics, PTSD, and tips on how to translate military background into academic presentations and papers.


Team AmVets: Department of California

  • “Committed To Serve…Those Who Served” AmVets is a veteran’s service organization with a number of community based programs – including one in the city of Orange.  It offers support, advice, advocacy, and assistance to veterans and their families.


Military and Veterans Law Institute & AMVETS Legal Clinic

  • Located on our Chapman campus, it is staffed by some of the top military law experts in the country and provides pro bono representation to military personnel and Veterans.  Learn more about their premium services by following the link.


American Council on Education

  • Higher Ed Spotlight: Undergraduate Student Veterans provides stats on veterans in postsecondary education.  If you are a veteran attending Chapman University, you are in a small and prestigious club of private school attendees.  Use this as a reminder that you are on the right track!  Take advantage of every service and office offered at our university and we hope to see you in the CDC!

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