» Orientation Staff


Jamie Gutierrez

Assistant Director
Residence Life and First Year Experience

Office: Davis 203
Phone: (714) 997-6961
Email: jgutierr@chapman.edu

Hometown: Lomita, CA

My Chapman Story:
In August 2008, I was ready to begin my undergraduate college experience. I remember driving onto Chapman’s campus with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, excitement, and optimism. I parked my car in the Jim Miller parking structure and wandered into Glass Residence Hall. There, I found friendly faces sporting blue t-shirts donning the word “Puzzles.” “Hi, my name is Danny and I’m an Orientation Leader. How can I help you?” Throughout my orientation experience, the Orientation Leaders were so helpful and offered me the one thing I was most nervous to find, friendship. I was fortunate as an undergraduate to serve as an Orientation Leader and Orientation Coordinator. I graduated from Chapman in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Educational Studies and recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Leadership Development. I am so excited to be a member of the orientation team and I hope to make a positive impact on incoming students.

Advice to Chapman students:
Stick to your values, have fun, and reach for your dreams! College is a time to try new things, inquire, and develop. Don’t be afraid to push outside your comfort zone. One of my most valuable learning experiences as a college student was that in order to personally develop there needs to be a willingness to be uncomfortable. Always remember to stick to your values. They make you who you are and provide foundation for decision making. The time I spent as an undergraduate was unforgettable. I had the time of my life and made lifelong friends. I love Chapman University and I can’t wait to share that with incoming students.


Bronwyn Holder

Program Assistant for First Year Programs
Office: Davis 202
Phone: (714) 628-7379
Email: bholder@chapman.edu

Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa

Why should students attend Orientation?

It is the best way to get oriented with the campus and other new students. Attending Orientation provides you with the opportunity to make connections with new and returning students before classes start, which enables you to begin your school year already feeling like an integrated member of this wonderful community.

Advice to Chapman students:

As overwhelming as everything seems in those first few days, weeks or even months - know that you are not the only one beginning this new chapter. Every new student's experience at Chapman will look different, and that is what makes this such a great university. Get involved, say hello to new people in class, and know that you will find your groove and stride when you are supposed to. It’s a great journey, so enjoy the ride!


Cole Jackson

Orientation Coordinator for Family Orientation and Academic Programming

Major: Public Relations & Advertising

Minor: Music

Year: Senior

Hometown: Glendale, Arizona

Why should students attend Orientation?

Transitioning into college can be easy for some and more challenging for others. Chapman's Orientation tailors itself to the needs of each student, meeting each student wherever they are in their own transitive process. Our team's entire goal is to be a resource for incoming students in whatever they need, and every event scheduled throughout the week was designed with that goal in mind. (We're all working really hard, so please attend the events and make it all worth it for us.)

What advice do you have for new Chapman students?

Relax! Everything will be okay. It may seem like everyone else has it together right off the bat. It's not true. Everyone is just as nervous as you about something, and often it's the same thing you are nervous about, so don't be afraid to share your concerns! Some of my strongest friendships were founded in the sharing of expectations and fears my freshman year. One day very soon you will be looking back at your Orientation with fond memories, laughing at how worried you were about everything. Then you'll wake up and it will be your Senior year and you will have a life crisis. Enjoy every moment!

Jamie M

Jamie Moseley

Orientation Coordinator for Operations and Publications 

Major: Kinesiology

Minor: Psychology; University Honors Program

Year: Senior

Hometown: Issaquah, WA 

Why should students attend Orientation?

Orientation builds a solid foundation for the rest of your Chapman career, and there are so many friendships and connections waiting to be made during Orientation Week. The Orientation Leaders are ready to share their experiences and provide valuable information to you, so use this time to ask all the questions you might have and get to know your peers. As cliché as it might sound, you only get to experience Orientation as a new incoming student once, so take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you in order to start off your time at college in the best way possible.  

What advice do you have for new Chapman students? 

Have an open mind when beginning your college career, as each individual is unique and therefore each student’s college career will be unique. Find out information about all of the organizations and clubs on campus, go to these meetings, and attend the various events put on by the university. You will find your passion, and once you do, pursue it. Do not be afraid of failure, because it is a part of life, but rather embrace your mistakes and learn from them. Lastly, remember to enjoy the experiences and make time for yourself.


Matthew Kubitz

Orientation Coordinator for Transfers, Commuters, and New Student Engagement

Major: BFA Dance Performance

Minor(s): Business Administration

Year: Senior 

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Why should students attend Orientation?

Students should attend Orientation because it is a fun filled week with many different activities for students to meet new people and grow comfortable with the campus. Orientation is the time where long lasting bonds are created and no student should miss out on that. All the activities during Orientation create such strong memories and I enjoy reminiscing them with my friends all the time. My Chapman experience wouldn't have been the same if I didn't attend the events during Orientation, therefore I hope new students will take advantage of everything that Orientation has to offer.

What advice do you have for new Chapman Students?

I would tell new students to really embrace all the opportunities that Chapman has to offer and push themselves to reach outside of their comfort zone. Don't be fearful about reaching out into new avenues because ultimately therewill be so much growth and development. College is the time to test the waters and discover new interests you never thought you might have. Having an open mind to new identities and interests will really help create an amazing journey for you at Chapman. 


Robin Genesi

Orientation Coordinator for Staff Development and Residential Life Liaison 

Major: Television and Broadcast Journalism

Minor: Public Relations

Year: Junior

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Why should students attend Orientation?

Orientation is an immersive experience that can impact you in various ways that you will see reflected throughout your four years at Chapman University. Moving away from home and having to assimilate into a new environment isn’t easy. The programs that are hosted, the discussions that are had, and the Orientation Leaders you will work with can help you leave behind that initial fear and anxiety as you plant new roots here at Chapman. Let this be your home away from home, and always try to take some piece of knowledge from everything that you do during Orientation so that you can apply it to the rest of your college career!

What advice do you have for new Chapman Students?

This is a saying used time and time again, but my advice is that you will never know unless you try! Take advantage of the wealth of opportunity and knowledge that the world has to offer. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box and do something that you aren’t used to. One of the best ways that you can grow as a person and develop new interests is by letting yourself experience things you haven’t experienced before. Chapman is the beginning of the rest of your life, so don’t be afraid to open up yourself to the world and put yourself out there!