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+ - Adjusting to College Life (Currently CLOSED)

Wednesdays  10am-11:15 a.m.

Beginning Sept. 7th 2016 for 6 consecutive weeks (Currently CLOSED)
SPCS Group Room

A process group which provides support to new chapman students who may be struggling with adjustment to life at college.

Topics include: 

  • homesickness
  • connecting with your campus community
  • time & stress management
  • living with roommates 
  • interpersonal relationship building

To sign up, please visit SPCS or contact:

Corene Tague, LMFT
714-532-7704 or tague@chapman.edu

+ - Post Study Abroad: Reverse Culture Shock- A search for your new normal (Currently CLOSED)

Mondays, 4:pm-5pm
*Start date to be determined after sign ups  (Currently CLOSED)
SPCS Group Room

Discussions include but are not limited to: 

  • Challenges upon re-entry
  • No one wants to hear about it
  • Reverse home sickness
  • Depression and/or isolation
  • Relationships have changed
  • Re-establishing relationships

To sign up, please visit SPCS or contact:

Linda Karmelich, LMFT 
(714) 744-7081 or

+ - Break Free From Anxiety Workshop (Currently CLOSED)

Tuesdays, 10:am-11:15 a.m. (Currently CLOSED)
Beginning Sept. 6th 2016
SPCS Group Room

This group will focus on understanding and overcoming your anxiety with particular focus each week.  Come join us to develop and practice tools to reduce stress so that you can stop avoiding life and get back to participating in all the things you love! 

To sign up or schedule a pre-group phone meeting please visit SPCS or contact:

Elizabeth Wilson, LMFT 
(714) 997-6728 or

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