» New Freshmen Academic Advising

All incoming freshmen have an advising hold on their account and must complete academic advising prior to registering for courses.

As a new freshman entering in spring 2017, you must either complete an online advising tutorial or attend an in-person advising appointment. Your registration hold will be lifted only after you complete advising.

+ - Mandatory Advising for Spring 2017 Freshmen Admits

In-Person Advising (Available Mid-December through the end of January):

Students may schedule an individual appointment with a professional academic advisor beginning on December 6.  Appointments are 30 minutes in length, dedicated to reviewing the student's program evaluation. Before an appointment can be scheduled, students are required to complete the AAC Online New Student tutorial (including the final AAC Survey). The tutorial will be available on our New Students page beginning December 6. After completion of the tutorial, please allow 24 hours for processing. After the 24 hours has passed, students can call the Academic Advising Center at (714) 744-7959 to schedule an advising appointment.  Students must have completed the online tutorial, paid their enrollment deposit, and be in moved-to-student status before they can schedule an advising appointment. Please note: We have a 5-minute late policy for all student appointments. If you arrive more than 5 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, you will be required to reschedule.

Online Advising:

An online tutorial is available for those students who are out of the local area, or who are comfortable receiving important information in an electronic environment.  The tutorial will cover all of the same information as a one-on-one appointment with a professional advisor.  Follow-up phone appointments with an advisor are available for students who have additional questions after completing the tutorial and final AAC Survey. Please allow up to 24 hours for the processing of your tutorial completion. The tutorial will be available on our New Students page (at the bottom of the page) beginning on December 6. 

Appointment with a Program Advisor (in the Major):

After meeting with an AAC advisor, students are able to schedule an appointment with a Program Advisor in their major department to discuss the specific requirements for the major, research or internship opportunities, or career goals.  Please note that faculty availability is limited during interterm (January).  To schedule an appointment with a program advisor, students should call or email the department directly. Please visit the Advising Portal for contact information for each department.

+ - Freshman Foundation Course (FFC 100)

Register for a First-Year Foundation Course (FFC 100)

All new freshmen are required to complete a First-Year Foundation Course (FFC 100) in their first year of enrollment.

To learn more about the various FFC 100 course topics, visit the FFC website.

Note: Students who attended a college or university after completion of high school - please ask your advisor about FFC 100 waivers based on transferred credits (MUST be completed after completion of high school.)

+ - Steps to Advising and Registration

Complete the math placement test if necessary

All students who have not been waived out of Math 098/099 based on SAT scores will be required to take the online math placement exam

Take the Language Placement Test

Beginning in the summer, login to Blackboard (available under "quick links" on the Chapman homepage)

Determine your assigned registration date

Registration dates are randomly assigned, and cannot be changed.  You can register anytime on or after your assigned date. You can view your assigned date and time on My.Chapman.edu in your Student Center.   

Select a math course

If you are placed in Math 098 or 099, it is required that you enroll in these courses in your first term, and that you complete these courses before the end of your first year at Chapman. If you place into Math 104 or GE Math, you are not required to take math in your first semester, although it is recommended. You can discuss your math course with your advisor during your advising session or follow-up phone appointment.

Fill in the rest of your schedule with General Education courses

After reviewing recommended first-term courses for your major, you can then select courses from any area of the General Education program. More information will be provided in your advising session/tutorial.

Build your shopping cart in My.Chapman.Edu

Step by step instructions will be provided in your advising session/tutorial. 

Register for courses

All course registration is completed online through My.Chapman.edu on or after the student's assigned registration date and time. Students will not be able to register until the advising requirement is completed.

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New Student Orientation

Be sure to sign up for your New Student Orientation!
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First Year Experience

Learn more about the services provided to new freshmen through the First Year Experience program.
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Math Placement Exam

All students who have not been waived out of Math 098/099 will be required to take the online Math Placement Exam.