» Getting Started -- Submitting a Proposal Through ORSPA

Below is the procedural guide on how to submit grant proposals through the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs. If you have any questions, please contact us at orspa@chapman.edu.

+ - Inception to 8 weeks before submission

  • Identify a Sponsor and Program Opportunity
    • Utilize COS PIVOT, grants.gov, fedbizopps.gov, or other outside agency, foundation and organization websites to locate a sponsor and program opportunity. 
    • Read and understand the request for proposal (RFP) guidelines of the identified funding opportunity
  • Notify Appropriate Individuals
    • Complete the Intent to Apply (ITA) form found on the ORSPA website; a copy of the ITA form will be sent to the Dean/Director/Supervisor and Chair (if applicable)
    • Discuss budget, time allocation, supplies, equipment, and space requirements to perform the project
  • Contact Collaborators (key personnel and co-investigators)
    • Develop the overall scope of work (SOW); discuss with internal and external collaborators as appropriate
    • Confirm collaborators participation; if external ensure approval is obtained from their institution

+ - 8 weeks to 10 days before submission

  • Draft Proposal
    • Draft narrative based on RFP guidelines and gather documentation (e.g., biosketch, letters of support)
    • Solicit feedback from department/college/school and colleagues and identify any school or department specific project resources needed
  • Develop Budget
    • Identify financial resources needed (e.g., personnel, travel, materials, and supplies) to complete the SOW
    • Coordinate with ORSPA to finalize proposal budget

+ - 10 to 5 days before submission

  • Refine Proposal
    • Meet with ORSPA to ensure final proposal addresses all RFP requirements
  • Route Proposal
    • Complete proposal routing form and route through college/school and department (Dean/Director/Supervisor and Chair if appropriate)
    • Send the signed routing form to ORSPA with your final proposal (narrative, abstract, budget, and any supplementary documents) 

+ - 5 days before submission

  • Submit proposal
    • ORSPA will submit your proposal once all final documents are received and reviewed
    • If proposal allows for PI to submit directly, you may do so following ORSPA receipt of proposal routing form.

+ - Post-Submission

  • Update proposal (at sponsor request or if required by RFP)
    • Work with ORSPA to address any sponsor requests for changes, clarifications, or additions to your proposal
  • Notify ORSPA should your proposal be awarded or declined
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