» Dr. Robert Slayton
Professor, Henry Salvatori Professorship in American Values and Traditions

Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Department of History
Dr. Robert Slayton
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Roosevelt Hall 138
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T/TH 2:30-3:30 or by appt.
State University of New York At Buffalo, Bachelor of Arts
Northwestern University, Master of Arts
Northwestern University, Ph.D.

Robert Slayton is is the Henry Salvatori Professorship in American Values and Traditions; Professor of History; 1988. B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University. He is the author of seven books, including Back of the Yards (University of Chicago Press) and New Homeless and Old (Temple University Press), and Master of the Air (University of Alabama Press). Back of the Yards got chosen by Choice, the library journal, as one of its "Outstanding Books" of that year, while New Homeless was awarded Honorable Mention for the Paul Davidoff Award by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. His major work is Empire Statesman (The Free Press/Simon & Schuster), a biography of Alfred E. Smith, 1928 presidential candidate and the first Roman Catholic to run for the nation's highest office. This work was endorsed by Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Caro, who called it "vivid and insightful;" while Hasia Diner, holder of the Steinberg Chair at New York University, referred to it as an "exemplary biographical narrative." It has been reviewed in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and in the New Yorker; the listing on Smith in Wikipedia cites Empire Statesman as the standard biographical work on this figure. He has also received the Wang-Fradkin Award, Chapman University's highest honor. At the present time he is working on two other books, including a study of the Ashcan School of Art. His courses include the second half of the U.S. Survey and Senior Seminar, African-American  History, Everyday Life in America, period courses on 1920-1945 (Conflict and Change in America) and 1945-1960 (American After the War) as well as World War II.

Dr. Slayton's publications you can find on Amazon:

Arms of Destruction

Arms of Destruction
Citadel, (2004)

Back Yards

Back of the Yards
University of Chicago Press, (1988)

Empire Statesman

Empire Statesman
Free Press, (2007)


New Homeless and Old
Temple University Press, (1990)

Master of Airweb

Master of Air: William Tunner and the Success of Military Airlift
University Alabama Press, (2010)

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
--SUNY Press has been processing the manuscript of my book on Ash Can School art. It has been approved by two outside readers and passed by the review committee of the Press’ editors. In late September it goes to the full editorial board, with very good prospects. --“’Children in Europe Are Europe’s Problem!’,” COMMENTARY. October 2014, pp. 45-47. Many thanks for sharing your recent Commentary article with me. I will proudly include it in the next Press Clippings Book that is sent out to all of our board members. James L. Doti --“Don’t Ask For The Menu.” NEW YORK TIMES, Metropolitan Diary, print edition February 23, 2015, online edition February 18, 2015. --My piece, “Hollywood Stays the Course”, HUFFINGTON POST, Decenber23, 2014, was on the top of the front page of the Huffington Post’s Entertainment Section. --University of Chicago Press asked me to write a back-of-jacket blurb for one of their books, Dominic Pacyga’s history of the Stockyards --Was asked by Nevada State College to be an outside reviewer on a candidate for promotion to Full Professor. --sold my piece on the first American servicemen to discover the Holocaust to the San Diego Jewish Journal --“Joe DiMaggio and America.” L’ITALO-AMERICANO, digital edition, July28, 2015. (http://www.italoamericano.org/story/2015-7-28/joe-dimaggio). Also reprinted in the OC Register, August 18, 2015. Struppa: “Thank you Bob. A thoughtful piece, with the potential to teach us something.” --I served on two CRASsh groups: War and Society and Disability Studies.
“The Business of Politics,” in New York Archives 12 (Spring 2013), pp. 30-33.
“A Wheelchair-Bound Native New Yorker Says His Home City Has Let Him Down.” NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, March 22, 2012.
“Reenacting Evil,” COMMENTARY, October 2011, pp. 43-45.
“When A Catholic Terrified the Heartland.” NEW YORK TIMES, Sunday Review Section, December 11, 2011.