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One Button Studio steps

Chapman University’s Information Systems & Technology team partnered with the Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IETL) to build and install Chapman University’s very first One Button Studio. This new video studio is a multi-functioning tool where faculty can record lessons digitally with ease. Using different tools such as a LearningGlass (www.learning.glassand green screen functions, faculty have the ability to enhance their lessons in innovative ways. The best part is that this video studio is setup so there is little to know learning curve for the users.

Why would I want to use the Instructional Video Studio?

Read this great blog post that talks about the possibilities and how easy it is to create video to supplement your instruction.

Where did this concept come from?

The One Button Studio concept originated from Penn State University. There they utilize two separate recording studio spaces for green screening and the LearningGlass technologies.

How are we implementing the One Button Studio platform at Chapman University?

The IETL has incorporated both technologies into one hybrid studio - a "flex" studio - that utilizes the One Button app for recording. Faculty have the option of using green screen, LearningGlass, or doing a traditional video without these technologies, all within the same studio space.

Here is how it works:

  • All devices (HD camera, microphone, set lights) are all setup on a single electrical circuit. Users simply insert their thumb drive into the USB hub, and ALL devices turn on.

  • The HD camera, lights and equipment are set into optimal positions and the floor is “blocked” with tape, so faculty know precisely where to stand or place props. This means there is minimal setup for faculty prior to recording.

  • Once the user has all recording materials (notes, podium, LearningGlass, green screen) ready to go, they then push the “One Button” to start recording.

  • After the user completes their presentation, they simply push the same button they used to start the recording. This will stop the recording and it is saved to the thumb drive automatically.

  • Once the video is saved, the user ejects thumb drive and all of the devices will power down. Again, the user will not need to manually turn any equipment on or off.

To read the user documentation for the studio and learn more about its possibilities , see our User Guide.

For more information about the One Button Studio or to book some studio time, visit our Calendly booking system.

Want to schedule an appointment in the Instructional Video Studio?

Please use our Calendly system to schedule time in the studio.

When making your appointment, if you are able to let us know what type(s) of settings/equipment you would like to use (such as the LearningGlass, Chromakey (green screen) or slide projection), we will be happy to set it up for you in advance or be on hand to assist.