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  • Giving Women Credit' follows, primarily, the stories of three Ghanaian women in very different stages of financial security and independence. Each has become a member of WomensTrust Inc., a small, non-profit organization dedicated to helping women further their small businesses with microloans, extended education and healthcare support.

    Through interviews, personal narratives and an intimate look into the day-to-day routines of the people of Pokuase, Ghana, 'Giving Women Credit' offers an on-the-ground look at Microfinance used as a tool for creating change in a third-world country. Non-profit and NGO WomensTrust's mission is to empower women and girls in Pokuase, Ghana, through microenterprise, education, and healthcare, and to inspire others to do the same elsewhere. More information is available at www.WomensTrust.org.

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    • Angelus Student Film Festival 2010, Semi-Finalist NH Film Festival 2010
    • NH Film Series
    • Director / Editor: Kai de Mello-Folsom
    • Producer: Kristen Ash
    • Assistant Director: Victoria Thomas
    • Rae-ann Smith: Narration
    • Vanessa Wolf: Narration