» MAT Bridge Program

New MAT/Credential Bridge Students are eligible for an award of $5,025 for your plan of study, to be paid in three equal installments of $1,675 each.  These payments will begin upon enrollment in classes with a program start date of summer 2016, fall 2016 or spring 2017.  If you should finish the program prior to receiving the full balance of your fellowship, your balance will be paid during your last semester of graduate study.  To receive your MAT Bridge Award – Dean’s Fellowship, you must:

 Have a current FAFSA form on file with the Graduate Financial Aid Office.

  1. Complete a one-page, double-spaced, word-processed statement describing your financial need and how the fellowship would facilitate your studies in the College of Educational Studies.
  2. Electronically attach the statement to this document.
  3. Enter the appropriate information below.
  4. Present this document and the statement to Michelle Samura, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, by emailing samura@chapman.edu.
  5. Enroll in and maintain satisfactory academic progress in the prescribed Plan of Study (cohort model) for the MAT Bridge from your start date until completion of the program. This includes obtaining passing scores on all necessary California credentialing exams/TPA exams required to be taken prior to and during the program.

Complete this application form