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Reports published by the TPI provide research-based analyses of current trends in disability and autism and highlight recent developments benefiting children, adults, and families. The TPI brings clarity to complex, emerging issues by examining all sides of the debate and presenting objective, research-based views. It is a vital and reliable resource for policymakers and the press.
Our Reports
Our reports are written and designed to provide concise, jargon-free analyses of complex questions trends, and topics. They offer specific, relevant examples as well as concrete implications and interventions strategies for stakeholders.

Who would use our reports?

  • Legislators and legislative staff
  • Governors’ offices, state education agencies, higher education officials, and representatives from statewide organizations and foundations

Transition to Independence

Transition to Independence TPI researchers will provide an up-to-date research report and recommendations on supporting a successful transition into adulthood for those with autism and related disabilities. 

Vaccinations and Autism

Vaccinations and Autism TPI will provide an easy-to-understand report of all the research pertaining to vaccinations and address questions regarding whether they are related to Autism.

Special Education

Special Education TPI will survey key stakeholders in the education community regarding needs of youth and families as it relates to the school environment. The data gathered will be used to identify further areas of research and intervention.

Autism Prevalence Study

summary of findings TPI researchers have conducted a study on the increasing rate of Autism. The results were presented at our DisAbility Summit. To learn more about our Autism Prevalence Study, read our 2016 Summary of Findings Report from the DisAbility Summit.