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Librería Martínez de Chapman University is one of the most meaningful community outreach endeavors of the College of Educational Studies. Situated in downtown Santa Ana, the nationally renowned Librería Martinez (in Spanish librería means bookstore, not library) was founded by our very own Presidential Fellow Ruebén Martínez over 20 years ago. He established a reputation for making literacy a priority in the Santa Ana community.

The bookstore also opened its doors to Latino authors and artists who wanted to exhibit their work and promote cultural pride. Ruebén also wanted to introduce the talent of these artists to the community at large. But, the most important objective at Librería Martínez is to honor books and promote a respect and love for reading. Now, under the auspices of Chapman University, Librería Martínez has also become an important cultural and community education center, offering a number of educational programs throughout the week and expanding the number of artists and authors during cultural events every month. 

Artists and Authors

Artist at Libreria Martinez Bookstore

The community at large gets introduced to some of the most fascinating authors and artists during the Librería’s special cultural events. Guests learn about the lived experiences that inspired the work of authors and artists as well as their approaches to writing and artistic expression. Authors and artists then make their work available for purchase. Signings are available for collectors.

Story Time

Story time for kids at Libreria Martinez Bookstore

Preschoolers come and listen to stories in both English and Spanish. Storytellers bring the printed word to life for 3-5 year olds who are just beginning to understand the magic that lies within the pages of books. While the children are being introduced to literacy, parents and teachers, and aspiring Chapman teacher candidates, learn the most effective approaches to reading and storytelling. 

When: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (1 hour)

Where: Reading room at Libreria Martinez de Chapman University

Padres Unidos

Children at Padres UnidosParents of young children from the downtown Santa Ana area participate in parent education modules where they become familiar with ways to enrich their children’s preschool experiences. Meanwhile, the preschoolers are introduced to school readiness.

Teen Mentoring

Teen Mentoring Presentation at Libreria Martinez Book Store

Chapman University students interested in civic engagement are paired as mentors with mentees who are high school students from Santa Ana High School. They explore future college and career opportunities and participate in workshops. They also jointly participate in a civic engagement project to improve the Santa Ana community.

  • Saturday, March 21, 2015  -It is part of our goals for Libreria Martinez de Chapman University to expose these teens to college and career options. So we took a small group of students to Chapman University for a tour! Check out the pictures!

Book Clubs and Classes and Workshops

Lecture event picture at Martinez Bookstore

Classes and workshops are also held at the Librería Martinez de Chapman University bookstore and art gallery. There are classes for English as a second language, poetry writing, and Chapman University courses for students from the College of Educational Studies. These offer our students an opportunity to become more closely involved with the local community as well as offer the community an opportunity to become more involved with education, reading, art and culture.

Host your Event at Librería Martinez

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Book or Poetry Parties

Are you interested in hosting a book party, poetry reading, or a reading discussion group? If you are If you are please contact us by email at libreriamartinez@chapman.edu or by calling (714) 973-7900 for more details.

Childrens Birthday Parties
Are you interested in planning a birthday party for children?
If you are please contact us by email at libreriamartinez@chapman.edu or by calling (714) 973-7900 for more details.

Weddings at Libreria Martinez

Special Event for Families and Friends
Librería Martinez de Chapman University Downtown Santa Ana is an ideal location to host a special event. The famous bookstore and art gallery is the perfect setting for culture, tradition, community and beauty with seating for up to 75 people.
Learn more

For more information please contact Margie McCoy at mmccoy@chapman.edu or call (714) 532-7701

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    Come visit: Libreria Martínez is located at 216 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701 near 3rd Street in Downtown Santa Ana or call: (714) 973-7900. 

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