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+ - MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, Yale University

Both undergraduate and graduate programs within the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies provide summer institutes, travel and field study opportunities, professional development workshops, onsite training programs, curriculum development and evaluation, online lesson plans and other resources (including videos), and it acts as an international education clearinghouse.

+ - Master Communications

Master Communications sells DVD’s using metaphors to describe global communities by reducing six billion people to a village of 100. The shrunken statistics encourage viewers to embrace the bigger picture to help establish their own place in the global community.

+ - Monarch Teaching Network

The Monarch Teaching Network is a growing network of mostly preK-8 teachers who have received training to use monarch butterflies to teach a variety of concepts and skills, including our growing connection with other nations and the need to be responsible stewards of the environment. The network is sponsored by the Educational Information and Resource Center (EIRC), a New Jersey public agency. A Monarch Network-Canada has emerged, in partnership with the Evergreen organization in Toronto. For more information about Monarch Teacher Network-Canada, visit their webpage.


NAFSA, a membership organization, offers a variety of professional development opportunities for international educators to acquire knowledge and information in the field of international education and exchange. There is an annual conference and a variety of training workshops, seminars and symposia. NAFSA produces a magazine, a weekly electronic newsletter and other publications. Information on all of these resources can be found at the web site.

+ - National Council for the Social Studies

The full text of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) position statements on K-12 global education can be found at the NCSS website. Over the years, Social Education, the magazine of NCSS, has featured articles about global education and the organization has produced and disseminated other resources in the field. The annual NCSS conference often features presentations on global education. In 1996, NCCS produced a position paper supporting global education along with lesson plans, books, articles and other resources. NCSS also developed national standards for social studies.

+ - National Education Association Global Education Resources

The NEA lists several pages of sites which supply global education resources of value to teachers.

+ - National Peace Corps Association

The National Peace Corps Association is the non-profit organization of returned Peace Corps volunteers, former staff and friends committed to fostering peace through service, education and advocacy.

+ - National Science Teachers Association

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) is the largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. The organization distributes videos, publications, CD-ROMS, lab kits and trade books for students. It sponsors seminars and symposia and online professional development courses and produces electronic newsletters and four journals for students and teachers at all levels. The website also has links to science-related web-sites. NSTA has developed national science standards. Many materials are of interest to global educators. One of particular note is the February 2004 Science Class, an e-newsletter that focuses on Multicultural Science.

+ - One World Now

One World Now is a two-year global leadership program for high school juniors that offers: (1) leadership skills, activities, projects and guest speakers; (2) world languages—Mandarin Chinese and Arabic; (3) summer activities—language camps and study abroad; and (4) international organizations. One World Now is committed to providing these opportunities to economically disadvantaged youth through a scholarship program. The after-school program is offered at four Seattle area high schools and is open to all Seattle area students.

+ - Oregon International Council

Oregon International Council (OIC), housed at Willamette University, works with state education agencies, local schools and districts, private schools and colleges, business, government and professional groups and individuals. It serves as a bridge among education and other sectors of the community to serve the needs of the people of Oregon for worldwide competence. OIC provides summer institutes in Oregon and abroad that offer educators introductions to new cultures and new teaching approaches and materials. It also provides workshops during the year and offers a curriculum library with video tapes, discovery kits and other materials about foreign cultures and people.

+ - PBS Teacher Sources

This PBS site offers k-12 classroom lesson plans and related curriculum materials.

+ - Reach The World

Reach the World’s mission is to help elementary and secondary students and teachers develop the knowledge, values and skills needed for responsible citizenship in culturally diverse and rapidly changing world.

+ - Scholastic Assistance for Global Education

Scholastic Assistance for Global Education (SAGE) is a service provided to the educational community by the Center for International Business Studies in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. A very large number of resources concerned with international education are organized by grade level at the primary level and by courses at the secondary level, by topic, country and region of the world. There also is a category of maps and one of “special aids” that consists of lesson plans, links to current events and other teaching resources. The Texas State Social Studies Standards also are on the site.

+ - The Southern Center for International Studies

The Southern Center for International Studies (SCIS) seeks to educate Americans about the world through three program areas: (1) seminars and lectures featuring international experts; (2) major television conferences, namely the Peabody Award-winning roundtable discussion with U.S. and world leaders which airs nationally on PBS; and (3) professional development workshops for teachers, using SCIS’s seven-part World in Transition educational materials. This series consists of instructional guides and videotapes covering seven world regions from geographic, economic, political, cultural and environmental perspectives. The units are updated periodically and can be ordered from the web site.

+ - The Stanley Foundation

The Stanley Foundation does not give grants. Rather, it is focused on promoting and building support for principled multilateralism in addressing international issues. It support a number of international programs such as The United Nations and 21st Century Security, The U.S. and the Muslim World, Strategies for U.S. National Security. It publishes reports of conferences focused on these programs and Courier, a regular publication of the foundation which can be subscribed to free online.

+ - Taking IT Global

Taking IT Global offers resources about international events, organizations, and opportunities.

+ - is the product of ongoing collaboration of Ohio State University's Social Studies and Global Education program with OSU's African Studies Center, East Asian Studies Center, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Middle East Studies Center, the Slavic and Eastern European Studies Center and the Indiana University's Center for the Study of Global Change. The center has approved all 7000 plus resources offered here for K-12 teachers.

+ - Teaching Global Citizenship

Teaching Global Citizenship is a relatively new site which gives an overview of global education and global issues as well as providing collections of images, videos, teaching activities, templates and links to useful websites. It is an Australian site which can be useful to American teachers and students.

+ - Tulsa Global Alliance

The Tulsa Global Alliance is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to increasing global awareness and understanding in Northeastern Oklahoma through a number of community activities, including promoting global education for children and youth. In conjunction with the Eisenhower International School, the Alliance sponsors the Culture Box, a hands-on authentic box of activities representing specific countries, for use in the classroom. The Global Youth Alliance is comprised of middle and high school youth interested in broadening their global horizons and meeting students from around the world.

+ - University of Central Florida

The UCF College of Education Reach Server has three initiatives of note related to teaching from a global perspective: (1) a FIPSE grant to support teacher education candidates to do school-based internships/field experiences in Europe (Northern Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands), (2) a bi-annual Global Education Institute for area teachers who attempt to teach from a global perspective and (3) a Graduate Seminar in the theory and practice of global education that is offered annually.

+ - University of South Florida

The College of Education at the University of South Florida provides teacher training and preparation with a global/multicultural focus.

+ - Victoria International Development Association

Victoria International Development Association (VIDEA) has been involved in the promotion and delivery of global education in Victoria and the South Vancouver Island area since 1977. VIDEA provides learning opportunities through special events, seminars, workshops, tours and conferences, for schools and for the general public. VIDEA is one of Canada’s oldest global education centres. It facilitates communication, cooperation and networking among Canadian groups working for global justice, peace and sustainable development, linking local and international issues with community initiatives.

+ - World Affairs Challenge

The World Affairs Challenge is a program that challenges middle and high school students to think about their relationship to the rest of the world, while taking part in a fun, day-long tournament.

+ - World Affairs Seminar

World Affairs Seminar (WAS) is an educational program that provides a forum for future leaders to be introduced to many of the perplexing global issues and problems facing the world. It enables hundreds of high school students from around the world to come together for six days at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to get to know each other better and to discuss such issues and problems. U.S. and Canadian students make up a major part of the population. The majority of international students who attend will have been enrolled in U.S. or Canadian high schools on exchange programs such as AFS, RYE, and YFU.

+ - World Bank

The YouThink section of the World Bank site has learning material, humanitarian profiles, research tips, links, and data and information on most countries of the world. Teachers can interact and exchange ideas with teachers from around the world on the Communities of Learning section. The World Bank Press Review is a daily online summary of business news from around the world.

+ -

Drawing upon publications around the globe, and a network of correspondents in dozens of countries, illuminates the issues that barely see the light day in the mainstream press, translating, reprinting, analyzing and contextualizing the best of the international press from more than 20 languages. More than simply provide international news and information, provides users with a view of the political and economic climate from a variety of global perspectives. The site also provides maps of regions and countries of the world along with accompanying data.

+ - World View Magazine Online

The World View is a magazine of news and commentary about the Peace Corps world that is published quarterly. Each issue provides news summaries from more than 90 nations, reviews of books written about the developing world, new and original fiction by developing-world writers, and reporting, essays and opinions about events in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

+ - World View, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

World View has partnerships with school districts, community colleges, and four-year colleges that focus on a commitment to global education. Partners agree to send educators to World View programs. These programs include workshops on campus for educators, visits to partner schools to speak on global issues to students and teachers, and connections for K-12 educators to other available global education resources. World View produces a semi-annual newsletter and a monthly electronic update that inform educators of upcoming events and updates readers on available resources. The website has a resource section with links to other important global education sites.
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