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+ - American Foreign Service Association’s National High School Essay Contest

High school students are asked to write a 750 to a 1000 word essay on the role of the U.S. Foreign Service and its members in the world today. They are to analyze and explain how the members of the Foreign Service promote U.S. national interests by participating in the resolution of today’s international problems. There are monetary prizes, certificates of honorable mention, as well as press releases. Interested participants should consult the American Foreign Service Association’s site to find out the rules of participation.

+ - Americans for Informed Democracy

Americans for Informed Democracy fosters global understanding by coordinating town hall meetings, hosting leadership retreats and publishing action pieces and reports. AID seeks to inspire a new generation of internationalist leaders and promote America’s image in the world. Ahead of the Curve is an intensive two-week leadership seminar designed by AID for high-achieving high school students who have an interest in international affairs.

+ - Arkansas International Center

Located at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, and with grant monies from a number of funders, the Arkansas International Center carries out international professional training and exchange programs in the fields of education, business, government, science, and nonprofit organizations. Education programs include, among other things: (1) a partnership with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga that instructs teachers from seven southern states about Japan and takes them there for first-hand cultural experiences; (2) provides Arkansas schools with visitations and presentations by a resident Japanese educator; (3) the Bringing China to Arkansas project which includes curriculum development, teacher in-service training, exchange programs, and study tours; and (4) the Bringing Mexico to Arkansas project, which includes similar components.

+ - Association for Library Services to Children

The Association for Library Services to Children has created a list of bibliographies called “Growing Up Around the World: Books as Passports to Global Understanding for Children in the United States. The list includes books that accurately depict contemporary life in other countries. Regions involved are: Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Go to the web site and click on “Resources” and “Book Lists”

+ - California International Studies Project

Located at Pacific University, the California International Studies Project provides a variety of international education professional growth opportunities for teachers and teacher leaders. Organized through a number of regional centers throughout California, participating teachers are drawn largely from schools and districts that make commitments to collaborate with the centers. However, there are opportunities for other teachers to participate in some staff development activities. CISP and its centers offer such things as online curriculum resources; seminars and workshops for teachers on a variety of international education topics; international study tours; and consultant services to schools and teachers. This web site contains the descriptions and contact information of the 10 regional centers.

+ - Canadian Bureau for International Education

The Canadian Bureau for International Education is an umbrella, non-governmental organization comprised of 200 colleges, universities, schools, other educational organizations, and businesses across Canada. It engages in policy development, research, advocacy and information development and dissemination. Its publications are highly regarded and it is a recognized provider of professional development programs for Canada’s international educators at all levels of schooling.

+ - Canadian International Council

The Canadian International Council’s (CIC) mandate is to promote a deeper understanding of international affairs and of Canada’s role in a changing world by providing a non-partisan forum for informed discussion, analysis and debate. Its publications are of significant value because they examine global issues through a distinctively Canadian lens. The Canadian foreign policy collection at the John Holmes Library sponsored by CIC is available to high school students who can request bibliographies or articles by e-mail.

+ - Center for Active Learning in International Studies

The Center for Active Learning is a K-12 outreach program, part of the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California. The center is sponsored by the East Asian Studies Center and the School of International Relations and is a designated resource center of the California International Studies Project described above. CALIS has a number of program areas, including teacher professional development seminars and workshops, professor and graduate student outreach to schools and district and school partnerships involving in-depth curriculum and teaching strategy development in international education.

+ - Center for Global Studies

The Center for Global Studies globalizes the research, teaching and outreach missions of the University of Illinois. The Center is a National Resource Center in Global Studies designated by the U.S. Department of Education.

+ - Center for International Understanding

The Center for International Understanding at the University of North Carolina has several global education initiatives, including: (1) Global Study Program for North Carolina Education policymakers to examine best educational practices in other countries and compare those to relevant policies/procedures in the state, (2) Educator Program in Mexico which provides 10-14 day study programs in Mexico for educators from North Carolina school districts with high Hispanic enrollments, (3) Global Study Program for Teachers that provides two week study programs abroad to study the host culture and teaching methods and practices in specific subjects, and (4) North Carolina in the World, which is a broad-based initiative to increase student knowledge about the world.

+ - Center for Teaching International Relations

The Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR) develops curriculum materials; conducts programs for middle and high school students; and provides in-service courses for K-12 educators. The center also makes available a wide range of publications and produces the student program World Affairs Challenge. This is an academic program that asks students to focus on real-world issues, spending up to 12 weeks on research and analysis before competing in Challenge events similar to Model UN simulations. Teachers can preview and download sample lesson plans from the publications link.

+ - Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook

The World Factbook site contains geographic, economic, trade, government, political, infrastructure, military and issues data only all of the countries of the world. This is a particularly good basic data resource for students studying specific countries.

+ - Choices Program - History and Current Issues for the Classroom

The Choices Program is a national education initiative of Brown University’s Watson institute for International Studies. It incorporates cutting-edge scholarship into curriculum resources on a wide range of international topics, provides professional development for teachers, and organizes educational programs for students. The Choices program has published more than 30 reproducible curriculum units that are updated on a regular basis to keep them current. Teaching with the news materials connect the classroom with world events and engage students in responsible deliberation on the news of the day. The Capital Forum is an experiential civic education initiative described previously in the section entitled Civic Education.

+ - The Clarke Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Contemporary Issues, Dickinson University

The main focus of the Clarke Center is the enrichment of learning for its own students. It does work with community groups and sponsors many events focused upon international issues for the broader community. A special feature is lesson plans focused upon issues surrounding the 9/11 event. Within that set of lesson plans are ones specifically for grades 6-8, and they are not limited to the 9/11 topic.

+ - Comhlámh - Development Education

Comhlámh gives resources for educators about Ireland. It is still under development, but is worthwhile for anyone interested in Ireland’s efforts to bring a global perspective to its schools.  Resources are valuable to global educators outside of Ireland also.

+ - Facing the Future

The Facing the Future site includes extensive free teachers’ curriculum guides for teaching about global issues and solutions around sustainability. The organization’s mission is to educate teachers, students and the public about the interconnected issues of the environment, population, poverty & equity, consumption, and peace & conflict. Curriculum materials meet educational standards, and encourage and support the participation of students and the public in action and service learning projects. They deliver educational resources through local, national and international educator conferences, school district in-services, university pre-services, the web site, and strategic partnerships.

+ - Foreign Policy Association

The Foreign Policy Association (FPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the American public to learn more about the world. Its website provides access to the Great Decisions curriculum, which includes annually updated facts, background information, and impartial analysis of global issues—including such topics as Middle East reform, weapons of mass destruction, the relationship between the U.S. and Europe, and the role of media in democracies.

+ - Full Circle Learning

Full Circle Learning serves communities around the world, upon request, by: 

  • Training and mentoring teachers with an emphasis on customization for local standards, needs and customs;
  • Providing curriculum, music and ancillary materials to support sites, as needed;
  • Liaising with collaborating schools to foster global classroom relationships, to help students honor the wisdom of others and see local issues through a global lens. 
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