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This section contains Title VI Resource Centers and other sites focused upon the study of Canada. There are many organizations in Canada that promote various forms of global education. Sites for those organizations can be found in the appropriate sections of the directory (e.g., environmental studies, human rights studies, peace studies, global education).

+ - Canadian-American Center, University of Maine

A National Resource Center since 1979, the Canadian-American Center coordinates an extensive program of graduate and undergraduate education; helps to support a major research library on Canada; promotes cross-border research in a number of fields; and directs an outreach program to state, regional and national audiences, including K-12 schools.

+ - Canadian Studies Center, Henry Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

The Canadian Studies Center, joined with the Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University, has the dual mission of developing and expanding academic programs in Canadian Studies and providing outreach programming to the wider community, including educational workshops, field trips and curriculum materials for grades K-12, community colleges and libraries. The center operates a web site that contains links and curriculum modules about the comparative histories of Canada and the United States.

+ - Canadian Studies Program, University of Vermont

The Canadian Studies Program at the University of Vermont conducts graduate-level teacher training courses that promote an understanding of Canada. Each summer the program offers a Seminar/Workshop for Teachers and one Advanced Seminar/Workshop on special topics for teachers of French.  Consultants work with elementary and secondary teachers to develop Canadian course curriculum. Library resources are available to teachers.

+ - The Center for Canadian American Studies, University of Western Washington

The Center for Canadian American Studies at the University of Western Washington coordinates a multidisciplinary undergraduate program; organizes seminars and symposia on cross-border issues, promotes research and conducts extensive outreach for secondary educators as well as for local business and community organizations.

+ - Center for the Study of Canada – The Canada Valise, Plattsburgh State University of New York

The Center for the Study of Canada conducts a number of campus academic programs that are directed at promoting knowledge about Canada. Of special interest to K-12 teachers is what is called the Canada Valise. The Valise is a loan kit for teachers filled with materials to assist in presenting Canada as part of the curriculum. The Valise contains a variety of Canadian artifacts and a notebook full of lessons and activities that can be copied. Teacher may borrow the Valise for free, paying only for postage.

+ - K-12 Study Canada

This Western Washington, K-12 Study Canada, site lists a number of curriculum modules and other resources for teachers interested in developing studies of Canada. This includes teacher loan kits, links to other organizations that develop materials, books and lesson plans.

+ - Mapping the World by Heart: State Alliances

The Mapping the World by Heart site is a National Geographic site that lists geographic alliances. As part of that listing, there is a section of Canadian sites that can be accessed by teachers interested in teaching about Canada.
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