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 Chapman University
 Message from the President
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 Academic Calendar
 7½ Week Module Terms
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Expand Undergraduate Degree Requirements
Expand The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Expand Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
Expand Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts: Sodaro–Pankey Undergraduate School of Media Arts
Expand Schmid College of Science and Technology
Collapse Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
    Department of Art
    Bachelor of Arts in Art History
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
   Expand Minors in the Department of Art
    Teaching Credential
   Expand Course Descriptions – Art
    Department of English
    Bachelor of Arts in English
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
   Expand Minors in the Department of English
    Department of English Graduate Degrees
   Expand Course Descriptions – English
    Department of History
    Bachelor of Arts in History
   Expand Minors in the Department of History
   Expand Master of Arts in War and Society
   Expand Course Descriptions – History
    Department of World Languages and Cultures
    Bachelor of Arts in French
    Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
   Expand Minors in the Department of World Languages and Cultures
   Expand Course Descriptions – American Sign Language
   Expand Course Descriptions – Arabic
   Expand Course Descriptions – Chinese
   Expand Course Descriptions – Foreign Language
   Expand Course Descriptions – French
   Expand Course Descriptions – German
   Expand Course Descriptions – Greek
   Expand Course Descriptions – Italian
   Expand Course Descriptions – Japanese
   Expand Course Descriptions – Latin
   Expand Course Descriptions – Portuguese
   Expand Course Descriptions – Spanish
    Department of Peace Studies
    Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies
   Expand Minor in the Department of Peace Studies
   Expand Course Descriptions – Peace Studies
    Department of Philosophy
    Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
   Expand Minor in the Department of Philosophy
   Expand Course Descriptions – Philosophy
    Department of Political Science
    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
   Expand Minor in the Department of Political Science
   Collapse Course Descriptions – Political Science
       POSC 110 Introduction to American Politics
       POSC 120 Introduction to International Relations
       POSC 130 Introduction to Comparative Politics
       POSC 201 Political Research Design
       POSC 209 Introduction to Political Theory
       POSC 210 Modern Middle East History
       POSC 212 Introduction to Public Administration
       POSC 229 Experimental Course
       POSC 239 People With Disabilities in Politics and Society
       POSC 251 Intercultural Conflict and Communication
       POSC 257 Model United Nations I
       POSC 290 Independent Internship
       POSC 291 Student-Faculty Research/Creative Activity
       POSC 299 Individual Study
       POSC 300 American Political Thought
       POSC 301 Ancient to Medieval Political Philosophy
       POSC 302 Modern Political Philosophy
       POSC 304 Citizenship in Theory and Practice
       POSC 305 Democratic Theory
       POSC 309 Sexual Politics in a Diverse Society
       POSC 310 The Presidency
       POSC 311 Congress
       POSC 313 The Supreme Court
       POSC 314 California Politics
       POSC 315 Campaigns and Elections
       POSC 316 Public Opinion and Voting Behavior
       POSC 317 Media and Politics
       POSC 318 Women and Politics
       POSC 319 Israel/Palestine: 3000 Years
       POSC 320 International Law, International Organization, and World Order
       POSC 322 United States Foreign Policy
       POSC 323 Law and Politics of Mass Atrocity
       POSC 324 Asian Politics
       POSC 325 International Relations Theory
       POSC 326 Politics of the Contemporary Middle East
       POSC 327 Latin American Politics
       POSC 328 Human Rights Law
       POSC 329 Experimental Course
       POSC 331 The European Union
       POSC 332 Democracy and Democratization
       POSC 335 Political Economy
       POSC 336 The Global and The Local
       POSC 337 Mexican Politics
       POSC 338 African Politics
       POSC 341 The First Amendment
       POSC 342 Constitutional Law: Institutions and Governance
       POSC 343 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
       POSC 346 Environmental Law
       POSC 352 Race and Change in South Africa and the United States
       POSC 353 Peace and Conflict in the Middle East
       POSC 354 Nonviolent Social Change
       POSC 355 Vietnam: War, Peace and Legacy
       POSC 356 The Psychology of International Conflict
       POSC 357 Model United Nations II
       POSC 358 Islam and the West
       POSC 359 Political Argument
       POSC 360 Local Politics
       POSC 361 Federal Policy Design and American Energy Policy
       POSC 362 Politics of Humanitarianism
       POSC 363 The Arab World: Colonialism to Revolution
       POSC 371 Urban Politics
       POSC 372 Racial and Ethnic Politics in the U.S.
       POSC 373 Separation of Powers and Public Policy
       POSC 374 Environmental Politics and Policy
       POSC 375 Public Policy Process
       POSC 376 Organization Theory
       POSC 377 Religion and Global Politics
       POSC 378 Special Topics in Public Policy
       POSC 399 Individual Study and Research
       POSC 400 Seminar in Political Theory
       POSC 407 Themes in Political Theory
       POSC 408 Religious Fundamentalism, Pluralism, and the Demand for Tolerance
       POSC 410 Seminar in American Politics
       POSC 420 Seminar in International Relations
       POSC 429 Experimental Course
       POSC 430 Seminar in Comparative Politics
       POSC 439 Disability and the Law
       POSC 473 WA Semester: Economics and Public Policy Problems
       POSC 474 WA Semester: Theories of Constitutional Interpretation
       POSC 475 WA Semester: Public Affairs Internship Seminar
       POSC 486 Political Leadership
       POSC 490 Independent Internship
       POSC 491 Student-Faculty Research/Creative Activity
       POSC 499 Individual Study
    Department of Religious Studies
    Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
   Expand Minor in the Department of Religious Studies
   Expand Course Descriptions – Religious Studies
    Department of Sociology
    Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
   Expand Minors in the Department of Sociology
   Expand Course Descriptions – Anthropology
   Expand Course Descriptions – Sociology
   Expand Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Minors
   Expand Course Descriptions – Asian Studies
   Expand Course Descriptions – Cultural Media Studies, Creative Industries
   Expand Course Descriptions – Humanities
   Expand Course Descriptions – Women's Studies
Expand School of Communication
Expand College of Educational Studies
Expand College of Performing Arts
Expand School of Pharmacy
Expand University Programs
Expand Directories
Expand 2016-2017 Undergraduate Addendums
Expand Undergraduate Degrees by School