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 Chapman University
 Message from the President
Expand Chapman at a Glance
Expand General Information
Expand Undergraduate Admission
Expand Expenses and Financial Aid
Expand Campus Life
Expand Academic Policies and Procedures
Expand Undergraduate Degree Requirements
Expand The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Expand College of Educational Studies
Expand Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts - Sodaro-Pankey Undergraduate School of Media Arts
Collapse Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Department of Art
    Bachelor of Arts in Art History
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
    Minors in the Department of Art
    Teaching Credential
   Expand Course Descriptions Art
    Department of Communication Studies
    Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
    Bachelor of Arts in Strategic and Corporate Communication
    4 + 1 Integrated Undergraduate Major in Communication Studies/Master of Health and Strategic Communication
   Collapse Course Descriptions Communication Studies
       COM 100 Introduction to Communication Studies
       COM 101 Public Speaking
       COM 108 Chapman Radio Workshop
       COM 110 Interpersonal Communication
       COM 151 Mass Communication
       COM 199 Individual Study
       COM 202 Speech Team
       COM 210 Theories of Persuasion
       COM 210B Theories of Persuasion for Non-Majors
       COM 211 Intercultural Communication
       COM 229 Experimental Course
       COM 240 Argumentation and Debate
       COM 251 Issues in Mass Communication
       COM 290 Independent Internship
       COM 299 Individual Study
       COM 308 Chapman Radio Workshop
       COM 310 Business and Professional Communication
       COM 311 Gender and Communication
       COM 312 Group Communication
       COM 313 Rhetorical Theory
       COM 314 Communication Theory
       COM 329 Experimental Course
       COM 331 Radio: History/Impact
       COM 351 Propaganda and Public Opinion
       COM 355 Family Communication
       COM 393 Communication Law
       COM 395 Introduction to Research Methods
       COM 399 Individual Study
       COM 401 Persuasive Speaking
       COM 402 Speech Team
       COM 410 Organizational Communication
       COM 411 Communication in the Global Workplace
       COM 412 Communication and Workplace Technologies
       COM 415 Communication and Virtual Organizing
       COM 429 Experimental Course
       COM 440 Conflict, Negotiation and Power
       COM 445 Social Media and Contemporary Society
       COM 450 Mass Communication Theory
       COM 452 Political Communication
       COM 480 Nonverbal Communication
       COM 482 Health Communication
       COM 485 Media and Relationships
       COM 490 Independent Internship
       COM 493 Ethical Controversies in Communication
       COM 498 Senior Seminar
       COM 499 Individual Study
   Expand Course Descriptions Strategic and Corporate Communication
    Department of English
    Bachelor of Arts in English
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
    Minors in the Department of English
    Department of English Graduate Degrees
   Expand Course Descriptions English
    Department of History
    Bachelor of Arts in History
    Minors in the Department of History
   Expand Course Descriptions History
    Department of Languages
    Bachelor of Arts in French
    Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
    Minors in the Department of Languages
   Expand Course Descriptions Arabic
   Expand Course Descriptions Chinese
   Expand Course Descriptions Foreign Language
   Expand Course Descriptions French
   Expand Course Descriptions German
   Expand Course Descriptions Greek
   Expand Course Descriptions Italian
   Expand Course Descriptions Japanese
   Expand Course Descriptions Latin
   Expand Course Descriptions Spanish
    Peace Studies Program
    Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies
    Minor in Peace Studies
   Expand Course Descriptions Peace Studies
    Department of Philosophy
    Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
    Minor in Philosophy
   Expand Course Descriptions Philosophy
    Department of Political Science
    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
    Minor in Political Science
   Expand Course Descriptions Political Science
    Department of Religious Studies
    Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
    Minor in Religious Studies
   Expand Course Descriptions Religious Studies
    Department of Sociology
    Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
    Minors in the Department of Sociology
   Expand Course Descriptions Anthropology
   Expand Course Descriptions Sociology
    Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Minors
    Minor in Asian Studies
    Minor in Environmental Studies
    Minor in Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer Studies
    Minor in Latin American Studies
    Minor in Women's Studies
   Expand Course Descriptions Asian Studies
   Expand Course Descriptions Humanities
   Expand Course Descriptions Women's Studies
Expand College of Performing Arts
Expand Schmid College of Science and Technology
Expand University Programs
Expand Directories
 2013-2014 Undergraduate Addendums
Expand Undergraduate Degrees by School