Undergraduate Admission

Policies and Procedures

Chapman University provides a uniquely personalized and interdisciplinary educational experience to a diverse group of highly qualified undergraduate students by encouraging innovation, creativity and collaboration. At Chapman, we offer a holistic admissions process that looks at the entire student–from high school and/or college records, standardized test scores, co–curricular activities and personal character, as well as an applicant's special interests, talents and background–and how well they fit into the Chapman community. Students interested in applying for undergraduate admission are encouraged to be aware of the following application deadlines and procedures. For more detailed information, view frequently asked questions for undergraduates at www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/faq.aspx.

Early Action Deadline

(Freshman only, non–binding) – November 1

Students interested in applying Early Action for the fall semester must submit their completed application (all documents and supporting materials) through the Common Application at www.commonapp.org by November 1. Early Action decisions typically begin going out by the end of December. Film production candidates must also apply by the November 1 deadline with decisions usually going out in February. When appropriate, candidates not selected for Early Action admission will be rolled to the regular cycle.

Regular Application Deadlines

Freshman Deadline: January 15

Transfer Deadline: March 15

Students submitting a completed application (with all supporting documents and materials) through the Common Application at www.commonapp.org by the appropriate deadline indicated above will receive full consideration for admission and financial aid. Notifications will be made beginning mid–March for freshman applicants and mid–April for transfer students.

Late Consideration

Freshman and transfer students submitting applications after the deadlines stated above will be considered for admission and financial aid on a space and funds available basis.

Freshman Students

You are considered a freshman if you have not attended college or if you have completed 11 or fewer transferable college credits. For information and a checklist on applying as a freshman, visit the undergraduate application information Web page at www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/index.aspx.

Transfer Students

Chapman welcomes applications from students transferring in from either two–year or four–year colleges or universities for both the fall and spring semesters. For information and resources on transferring to Chapman, including Chapman's transfer credit and articulation guidelines, visit the transfer students home page at www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/transfer-students.aspx. To apply as a transfer student, visit the apply now Web page at www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/applynow.aspx, where you can find a full transfer student checklist that walks you through the application process or apply directly through the Common Application at www.commonapp.org.

Military and Veteran Students

Chapman provides assistance to active military, veterans and their dependents who may be eligible for various educational benefits. Information for applying and using these benefits may be obtained by contacting the VA Certifying Officer at va@chapman.edu. Military/VA students also must complete the VA student responsibility form at www.chapman.edu/students/academic-resources/registrar/_files/forms/v-responsibility-form.pdf after registering each semester and submit it online.

International Students

Students come to Chapman from more than 60 different countries not only because of our location in sunny Southern California, but for the incredible opportunities, including international internships, undergraduate research, study abroad programs, student activities and leadership development. Visit the international students home page at www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/international-students.aspx for frequently asked questions and full details about applying to Chapman as a freshman or transfer international student. International students can apply online by visiting the apply now Web page at www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/applynow.aspx, which offers international student checklists (for both freshman and transfer international students) that walk you through the application process or apply directly through the Common Application at www.commonapp.org.

Enrollment Before Admission

If you are admitted for the fall semester, you should request a registration permit for the preceding summer session from the Office of the University Registrar at www.students/academic-resources/registrar/index.aspx.

Interrupted and Re–Enrollment

Students may find it necessary to interrupt progress toward their degree and return at a later date. If a student leaves the University in good academic standing or on academic probation, the student will not need to re–apply but can re–enroll for classes at Chapman by submitting the re–enrollment form to the Office of the University Registrar. Veterans receiving honorable discharge and who left the university to perform military service will be re–admitted with the same academic status when the student last attended Chapman. The length of absence from Chapman for veterans cannot exceed five years. For full details on interrupted enrollment and the re–enrollment process, visit the registrar student services website at www.chapman.edu/students/academic-resources/registrar/student-services/index.aspx.

Deferring Admission

Students are only accepted for the term and program specified in their letter of admission. If a student wishes to defer their admission to a different term then they can submit a Chapman University Deferred Enrollment Form to the Office of Admission for approval. A student may defer their admission for up to one year of the original admission. Longer gaps will be considered at the discretion of the admission committee. Only students who have been formally admitted to Chapman University may request a deferral. Certain programs are not eligible for deferred enrollment; please refer to the Chapman University Deferred Enrollment Form for further information regarding policy and procedure.


Students seeking to return to Chapman within two years of dismissal must submit their reinstatement request to the Undergraduate Student Standards Committee through the Office of the University Registrar.


Students seeking to return after being gone for more than two years from the time of dismissal must apply for re–admission at the Office of Admission. All students returning after dismissal or probation will be re–admitted on probation status.