»Logo Usage and Guidelines

Building a strong institutional identity helps illuminate the values, capabilities and promises of Chapman University. By working under a unified banner, we unite our strengths to elevate all programs and enhance our reputation.

+-The Meaning of the Logo

Chapman University Window LogoThe Chapman University window logo was created in 1991 when Chapman College became Chapman University. Under the direction of newly named president James L. Doti, the publications office designed the window logo using elements from Chapman’s old World Campus Afloat logo.

The Chapman University window logo is a stylized depiction of the window of Memorial Hall. It represents the institution’s mission of enlightenment.

The original three-window logo for Chapman University was updated in 1996 to a single window. Use of the three-window logo is no longer allowed. The single window logo is the officially recognized symbol of Chapman University.

The Chapman University window logo and the Chapman University seal should not be used in the same visual field or page

+-University Logo

The university logo is composed of two elements: the window icon and the supporting wordmark. The window icon can only print in one of four variations: university red with white lines, solid white with red lines, solid black with white lines, or solid white with black lines. In general, the logo/logotype can appear in PMS 202 (red) or black.

Chapman Official logo

The official logo should NOT ...

  • be altered in anyway through sizing of elements or changing of fonts.
  • be printed in any other color than approved colors above.
  • be used as a transparent image with solid lines.
  • be placed on top of other type or imagery.
  • be positioned at an angle.
  • be distorted or changed proportionally.
  • be cropped or bled off the edge of designs.
  • appear in close proximity with the University seal or monogram.
  • be combined with any trademark, logo, etc.
  • have a border, decorative embellishment or titles added.
  • be used smaller than 1/4" x 1/4".
  • be used smaller than 1/4" height.

+-The Seal, Monogram, and Athletics logo

chapman monogram

The Monogram

The university monogram is the informal representation of Chapman University. This logomark can be used for all university produced materials...

chapman university seal

The Seal

The university seal is reserved for use by the Office of the President, the Chancellor’s Office and official academic documents. It should not be used as an art element for design purposes.

Chapman Athletic Logo

Chapman Athletics

The C+Panther logo is reserved for Athletics use only and may be used by other entities only with written permission from Athletics.

The monogram/seal/athletics logos should NOT ...

+-College/School Logos

These logos are designed with a consistency for the main schools and colleges on campus. Departments inside of school and colleges must use a tertiary form of the logo so all levels of hierarchy are represented. The official logo and the school identifying titles must be presented together, but can be presented in a few alternative layouts.

Chapman University Department Logos

The School and College logos should NOT ...

+-Tertiary Identities

Tertiary identities are used for all centers, programs and institutes solely affiliated with Chapman University. In those limited instances where programs are collocated at multiple institutions, a unique visual identity will be allowed but must be accompanied by an appropriate recognition of association with Chapman University.

Chapman University tertiary logo

The tertiary logos should NOT ...

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