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Panther Analytics logoPanther Analytics is the university’s data warehouse, a business analysis tool acquired to give staff, faculty and administrators access to nearly up-to-date reports and data needed for day-to-day work-related activities, as well as for assessment, planning and informed decision making. 

It provides easy, self-service access to well-designed reports containing up-to-date data within a few clicks.  This highly sophisticated reporting tool will allow you to run reports that can identify key metrics such as enrollment counts and percentages with drill down capabilities to identify specific college/school, department, course-level or student-level information.


+ - Key Features

Panther Analytics can help you:

  • make sense of mountains of data to improve student retention and success
  • make better data-informed decisions day or night
  • monitor performance indicators with ease
  • identify patterns of student activity and performance that may help identify students at-risk for immediate action
  • review enrollment trends needed for effective planning

+ - What Type of Data Does It Contain?

Panther Analytics can access data from a multitude of sources but is primarily pulling information from Peoplesoft Campus Solutions.

+ - Scope of Project and Timeline

Below are the scheduled launch dates for Panther Analytics this Spring.

  • Soft Launch (Pilot): March 2017
  • Go Live Date: April 2017
  • Phased rollout: Dates and timeline TBD

+ - Training Materials

Training materials are being developed and will be available in late March. We have plans for...

  • Training Videos
  • PDF Guides: How to/Step by Step
  • In Person Training Calendar and Office Hour Availability


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Need Assistance / Support?

Send us an email at pantheranalytics@chapman.edu or call (714) 516-5506.