» Mission, Vision, and Goals


  • Every graduate with a job offers in hand.


  • To empower Argyros students to launch successful careers and to build long-lasting partnerships in the community.

How Do We Do It?

  • We expertly guide students through the career exploration and professional development process to help develop excellent leaders.
  • We strategically build relationships with employers that align with the mission of The Argyros School in order to meet their recruiting needs.
  • We inclusively partner with colleagues, alumni and parents in order to build value for the Chapman University community at large.


-What do we believe in?

  • Authenticity
  • Initiative
  • Collaboration
  • Service
  • Accountability

Learning Goals & Outcomes

  1. Students will understand the competitiveness of the job market and the value of beginning one’s career development process early.
  2. Students will know their personal and professional strengths and be able to effectively communicate them.
  3. Students will investigate various career options of interest.
  4. Students will have a strong resume and cover letter.
  5. Students will understand the benefits of building professional relationships, and how to navigate that process.
  6. Students will have a network of professors, mentors, professional contacts, and former employers who can assist with the job search and career development process.
  7. Students will have an internship and job search plan.
  8. Students will feel confident in their interviewing skills.
  9. Students will understand what it means to be a professional.