» Meet the Argyros School Career Services Staff

photo of Gabriela  Castañeda
Gabriela Castañeda
Assistant Director, Career Services
BK 305B
(714) 744-7812
As Assistant Director, I work closely with undergraduates in our Business Programs to make sure they are prepared for a rewarding and demanding career in Accounting, Business, and Economics. From providing individual career counseling to collaborating with various entities for our highly successful Accounting Recruiting Program (ARP), all of my efforts are strategically geared towards ensuring our talented students have a variety of viable opportunities with the end goal for them to achieve successful careers. Before joining the Argyros Career Services team, I worked in career services for over six years proving undergraduates from various program with one-on-one counseling and job recruitment opportunities. I am a Student Affairs professional because I truly enjoy witnessing students’ incredible transformation, development, and professional growth as they become contributing members of their selected profession communities.
photo of Joel Pearson
Joel Pearson
Assistant Director, Career Services
BK 305C
(714) 628-2747
As Assistant Director, I work to make sure our MBA and MSA students are well prepared for their professional life. From one-on-one counseling to managing our mentor program, everything I do is geared toward the career success of our masters-level business students. Prior to joining the Argyros Career Services staff, I worked in career services at both the University of La Verne and Cal State Fullerton where I coached both undergraduate and graduate students on career development. Before transitioning into higher education, I taught (both domestically and abroad) English as a Second Language while holding additional roles in content development and student advising. My time teaching international students has fueled my interest in working with them to overcome barriers to entering the American workplace.
photo of Gene Rhee
Gene Rhee
Director, Career Services
BK 305E
(714) 628-2896
As director, I spend most of my time thinking about “what’s next”. When I’m not doing that, you’ll find me trying to best optimize career center operations, as well as building employer relationships for the benefit of the entire Argyros community. Before joining The Argyros School, I had the pleasure of working with undergrads at Pomona College, as well as MBAs at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Those experiences certainly helped me transition to a career center that serves both undergraduate and graduate students at the Argyros School. Before switching into career services, I had an incredible time working overseas in Korea and South Africa. I worked in healthcare, supply chain consulting and travel technology. I definitely feel the varied industry exposure has helped me work with business students with a variety of interests. When I made a career change about 5 years ago, I only knew that I wanted to help people and make a greater positive impact on people’s lives. I’m absolutely thrilled that I discovered career services. I love the work that I get to do here. I love the team I get to work with. It’s not all rosy though. Leading is hard. Leading can be lonely. But I wouldn’t choose differently if I could do it all over again.
photo of Dustin Smetona
Dustin Smetona
Recruiting Coordinator, Career Services
BK 305
(714) 532-6077
I spend my days bridging the gap between top-notch students and the top-tier organizations interested in hiring them. My day-to-day responsibilities include on-campus recruitment logistics, outreach and marketing, relationship management, and student coaching. Prior to my current role, I have held two recruiting positions: one in a large talent acquisition team and another in the non-profit sector for a company that focused on finding and supporting foster/adoptive parents. Along side my current position, I operate a photography business with my wife. Together, we have photographed approximately 150 weddings and have traveled as far as Ireland and Switzerland. I am a career services professional precisely because I love being a part of the growth and development of others. It's incredibly fulfilling to work with Chapman students who are transforming into professionals that will make a tremendous difference in their workplace and in the world.