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Want to develop the next big mobile app? Discover a new scientific theory? Help heal the injured and sick?

It all starts with education.

You have a curious and innovative mind. You made it to this page because you want to cultivate that scientific mentality into a career. Chapman University has heard this calling and seen the current job landscape, and is evolving with the times.

As a core focus for the University, science and technology programs are on the rise. From the latest labs and access to real-world tools, to the highest caliber professors with industry experience, connection and research, Chapman is an ideal environment to develop your talents and discover a scientific passion. 

Health Science Programs

Health and Strategic Communication MS

Marriage and Family Therapy MA

Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT

Athletic Training MS

Communication Sciences and Disorders MS

Pharmaceutical Sciences MS

Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD

Doctor of Pharmacy PharmD

Physician Assistant Studies MMS (anticipated Spring 2017)

Food Science Programs

Joint Food Science MS/MBA

Food Sciences MS

Computational Science Programs

Computational and Data Sciences M.S.

Computational and Data Sciences Ph.D.

Economic System and Design MS

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