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Faculty in the College of Educational Studies seeks opportunities to collaborate with local and international communities. These relationships are built on trust, dialogue and reciprocity that are the fundamental elements to civic engagement.  Jack H. and Paula A. Hassinger Chair in Education brings projects to the attention of the CES community that have the potential to address educational problems, e.g. equity, achievement of minoritized groups, etc. within local and/or international contexts. Success of these collaborations is determined mutually and often results in greater understanding, new learning, improved practice, and scholarship. Within the CES, faculty members also develop respect and appreciation for each other's disciplines by convening Community Brown Bag Conversations where research and innovative teaching pedagogies are shared routinely. These opportunities foster collaborations in teaching, research and civic engagement.

+ - Paulo Freire Democratic Project

Dr. Suzanne SooHoo is the Associate Director of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project (PFDP).

Freire Archive, Part of the Leatherby Libraries

This archive contains collections and papers relating to Paulo Freire (1921-1997), his pedagogy and that of leading scholars in critical pedagogy.
A significant portion of the archive consists of the records from The Paulo and Nita Freire Project for International Critical Pedagogy with a highlight being the professional papers of scholars, Peter McLaren (b. 1948) and Joe L. Kincheloe (1950-2008).
In addition, there is the teaching material from Prof. Alma Flor Ada that includes a hand puppet of Freire's that she used in her teaching.

+ - Padres Unidos

Padres UnidosPadres UnidosThe partnership between the College of Educational Studies (CES) at Chapman University and Padres Unidos started more than two years ago through an introduction from a mutual colleague of CES and Patricia Huerta.  This partnership has grown stronger over time due to shared goals and the focus of both organizations to be authentic partners with local communities, schools, teachers, students and parents by developing and executing programs that support capacity building, affect real change and make a positive difference. The partnership now includes the co-creation of parent certificate programs offered through Chapman University's Office of Extended Education as well as developing joint grant proposals to provide support for both organizations’ efforts in the community.


+ - International Partners

The Hassinger Chair and College of Educational Studies forged an international partnership with the University of Waikato in New Zealand to increase opportunities for scholarly collaborations within an international context. The two Universities have a working relationship and maintain a collaborative partnership. Partners co-publish and co-present at international conferences.

Culturally Responsive MethodologiesCulturally Responsive Methodologies
by Mere Berryman, Suzanne SooHoo, Ann Nevin (co-editors)
Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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