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+ - Asian Educational Media Service (AEMS)

AEMS, a program of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, helps educators find and use media materials, many of them free, (including documentary films, feature films and slide units) for teaching about the cultures and peoples of Asia. It also links to related web sites.

+ - Asia Society

This directory is a comprehensive guide to international studies resources for K-12 schools. In addition to sources about Asia, it covers all of the other regions of the world. It also describes university resources, travel and study abroad programs, and student programs such as Model United Nations. A unique and very helpful section is a listing of resources by subject. This resource is being developed and is continually updated.

+ - Asian Studies Center, Title VI Resource Center, Michigan State University

The Asian Studies Center (ASN) is distinguished by its comprehensive attention to East, South, and Southeast Asia in the design of curriculum, focus of research and scope of outreach activities. Outreach activities include the organization and co-sponsoring of conferences both at MSU and elsewhere, including national conferences, seminars and public presentations by MSU faculty and visitors, cultural events such as exhibits, film festivals, musical performances and demonstrations. A special feature of outreach is the workshops offered for K-12 teachers in the Lansing area and state-wide. Available resources include videos, magazines, and a variety of teaching materials.

+ - Association for Asian Studies, Inc.

The Association for Asian Studies is a scholarly, nonpolitical, nonprofit professional organization interested in Asian studies. It publishes research and educational materials and promotes the exchange of information within the field of Asian Studies. AAS publishes Education About Asia, a resource for K-12 educators that enables them to be better prepared to teach about Asian issues. The Committee on Teaching about Asia Outreach Database List is a product of the association. It comprises a list and description of the activities of centers/institutions/programs which sponsor Asian outreach, grades K-12.

+ - Central Asian Institute & Pennies for Peace

The Central Asian Institute’s mission is to promote and support community-based education and literacy programs, especially for girls, in mountain regions of Central Asia. Pennies for Peace, a program of the Central Asia Institute, works to educate American children by providing them with cross-cultural lessons. The penny is used as a metaphor. Participating children contribute pennies to support literacy programs and they encourage others to do likewise.

+ - H-Asia

H-Asia is a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine. Its primary purpose is to enable historians and other Asia scholars to communicate current research and teaching interests, discuss new articles, books, papers, approaches, methods and tools of analysis. H-Asia also allows scholars to test new ideas, share comments and tips on teaching. H-Asia is especially committed to discussing region-wide comparative and professional interests important to scholars of Asia.

+ - National Consortium for Teaching about Asia

National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA), funded by the Freeman Foundation, is an initiative to encourage and facilitate teaching and learning about Asia in world history, geography, social studies and literature courses. Launched in 1988, NCTA is a consortium of university-based Asian Studies centers. The site features professional development opportunities for teachers, organized by state. In addition, it has many useful links.

+ - North Carolina Teaching Asia Network (NCTAN)

NCTAN is part of the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia described above. It sponsors professional development opportunities for teachers in North Carolina.

+ - UCLA Asia Institute

The Asia Institute is a consortium of UCLA’s Asia-focused research centers and programs, including two Title VI National Resource Centers. The institute promotes Asian Studies at UCLA and fosters greater understanding of Asia through a wide variety of outreach activities including K-12 teacher training, curriculum development, public symposia, film series, exhibitions and travel programs.

+ - University of Kentucky Asia Center

The Asia Center organizes workshops for K-12 teachers to strengthen their appreciation of Asian history, cultures, and societies. It also encourages school groups to visit the University and organizes programs for them focused on learning about Asia. Asia Center visiting fellows visit Kentucky schools, sharing their knowledge widely with students and teachers. The center collaborates with such organizations as Louisville’s Crane House, the Kentucky World Trade Center and the Japan-America Society to increase Kentuckians’ understanding of Asian culture and promote cooperative relations with the peoples of Asia.

+ - University of Vermont Asian Outreach Program

An important feature of the Asian Studies Outreach Program at the University of Vermont is outreach to communities and schools at all levels throughout Vermont. A variety of outreach activities, designed to enhance learning about Asia, draw on the knowledge and talents of the Asian Studies faculty, and the first-hand experience of dozens of Asian nationals who are working and studying at the University of Vermont campus.
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